5 Minute Guide to Craps Mines Games Bonus for Non-Gamblers

5 Minute Guide to Craps Mines Games Bonus for Non-Gamblers

Craps is very easy to play, but it doesn’t look like it when you first see a craps game in progress. The players use all kinds of strange words, and there are plenty of bet options to learn.

But you only need to know how to make one bet to get started, and you only need to use two bets to play craps with the best strategy.

Overall, craps is a good game for new gamblers, and it can be a fun way to play in a casino for people who usually don’t gamble. Here’s the five-minute guide to craps play.

1 – Come Out Rolls

Every craps game starts with a come out roll. You can place a wager on the come out roll in two different ways. You can bet on pass or don’t pass. You don’t even really need to know what each of these bets means. Because after you place the bet, the person running the craps game for the casino will take care of everything else.

I always bet on don’t pass because it has a slightly lower house edge than pass, but you can bet on either one. Just tell the person running the craps game that this is your first time playing the game and that you want to place a come out bet and ask if he or she will tell you when you can place it.

After you place a come out roll bet, a player rolls the dice. The come out bet resolves on the roll and winners get paid, or a point is set. When a point is set, there are more rolls until the point is resolved, then the winners get paid.

Don’t worry about how all of this works at first. All you have to do is place a bet and wait to see if you win. Eventually, you’ll learn how each come out bet works and how the point works, but you can learn while you’re waiting for the bets to be resolved.

You can roll the dice when it’s your turn to roll, or you can decline to roll and the next person rolls. I like to throw the dice, but not everyone does. If you tell the person running the game that it’s your first time, they can give you a few tips. Plus, they’re going to be a little more accepting of a poor roll, so there’s nothing to stress.

2 – Odds

While a bet on the come out roll is the only bet that you need to place to play real money craps, there’s one other wager that you should use. This bet is important to use because it’s the best bet in the casino, and it’s called an odds bet.

The odds bet pays off at fair odds, which is unique in casinos. Every other casino bet pays back odds that are in the casino’s favor. What this means is that in the long run, you’re going to break even on all of your odds bets.

Playing Craps

This doesn’t mean that you’re going to break even every time you make an odds bet. It means that over time, you get back as much as you bet overall based on a long-term average.

The only way to place an odds bet is to first place a bet on the come out roll. And when a point is set, you can then place the odds bet.

Once again, tell the person running the game that you want to place an odds bet after a point is set and they can tell you how to do it. The normal procedure is to slide the odds wager behind the come out roll wager after a point is set.

3 – Craps Bet Sizing

The size of each bet you can place at the craps table is dictated by the house rules. The table has the maximum and minimum bet sizes listed. This is true whether you’re playing at a live craps stable or in a mobile or online casino.

It doesn’t matter what the table limits are because the correct bet strategy is the same at every craps table. The best strategy is to make the table minimum bet on every come out roll that you make and to make the largest odds bet that you can based on how much money you have.

If the largest odds bet you can make is $100 and you only have a few hundred, you don’t want to bet the maximum. But if you have thousands, you can afford to bet $100 on the odds.

The reason why you don’t want to bet too much in comparison to your total bankroll on the odds, even though you eventually break even on the odds, is because you might lose several odds bets in a row in the short run.

If you want to make smaller bets when you play craps, online and mobile casinos offer lower bet limits for craps games than land-based casinos.

4 – Playing Mobile and Online Craps Games

You can play craps in land-based casinos, through a mobile casino, or an online casino. Each of these options provides a few benefits and a few drawbacks. In this section, I’m going to cover both the benefits and shortcomings for each option.

Land-Based Craps

Land-based craps is by far the most fun way to play the game. There’s an energy at a live craps table that you can’t get in online and mobile casinos. And if you enjoy gambling with other people, a craps table is the best place to be.

On the other hand, the bet minimums are much higher in land-based casinos than in most online and mobile casinos. And if you don’t enjoy gambling with other people, a land-based craps table is the last place you want to be.

Online Craps

Online craps is the main way I like to play. I don’t especially like the noise at a land-based craps table, and I like the ability to place a small come out bet and a large odds bet. The main downside to playing online craps is that you might play much faster than at a live craps table. The faster you play craps, the more you end up betting—which could result in more losses.

Mobile Craps

Mobile craps is the form of the game that I like the least. I don’t like the small screen on mobile devices, and the game is basically the same as online craps. So, if I want to play and don’t want to play in a land-based casino, online craps is a better option to me.

The other upside to playing online and mobile craps is that you can claim a bonus offer at some casinos, which you can’t get playing land-based craps.

5 – Don’t Do What Everyone Else Is Doing

Most people learn how to play craps from other craps players, so they all tend to do the same things. And most craps players are losing too much money, so it’s probably not a good idea to do the same things that everyone else is doing.

The first mistake that most craps players make is betting on the pass line. Many craps players believe that this is the right thing to do because they somehow think that this bet is working for the shooter. And they think that if you bet don’t pass, you’re working against the shooter.


Don’t pass is a better wager than pass, and it has nothing to do with the shooter. Make a don’t pass bet on the come out roll; it has better odds.

The other big mistake that craps players make is placing a bet on anything other than the odds and come out roll. Every other bet costs you more money, so you should never make them.

This isn’t as big of a mistake as the first two things I mentioned, but another mistake is using a system. You can find craps systems, but they don’t usually work. In fact, they tend to end up costing more in losing bets than anything else.


Craps is a much simpler game than it looks like at first. The only bet you need to know how to place is a wager on the come out roll, and it’s easy to make. And the best strategy to use when you play craps only adds one additional bet to your come out roll wager.

When you place a bet on the come out roll, you need to make the lowest wager available. But when you bet on the odds, you need to bet as much as your bankroll allows.

Mobile and online craps games offer lower bet sizes, but these games aren’t as fun for many players as live craps.

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