A Complete Guide to Casino Gift Cards

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Online gambling in 2022 has never been more popular, and, as a result, players are making deposits and withdrawals using more payment methods than ever before. Gift cards and vouchers remain a popular choice with players, and most online casinos readily accept these cards – making them a breeze to deposit with. However, there are a few things about casino gift cards to keep in mind – which we’ll look at on this page.

Online Gambling Gift Cards: An Introduction

Gift cards are a fantastic gift for people you don’t have a clue what to give. Whether it’s a special occasion – like Christmas, or a birthday – or a random thank you gift, these cards make for great gifts, and millions of people each day give and receive them.

While most gift cards are designed to be spent at shops, a surprising number of them can be used at online casinos. We’ll tell you more – and how you can use gift cards – right here on this page.

Where to Buy Online Casino Gift Cards

The place where you purchase your online casino gift cards varies a lot depending on the type of gift card you’d like to give – and how you want it to be used. Online gambling gift cards can come in two formats, both of which we’ll cover below.

Casino-Specific Gift Cards

Some of the world’s largest online casinos and land-based casinos offer their own gift cards – and these are designed exclusively for seasoned gamblers. For example, the Caesars Rewards Group – a popular US-facing online gambling brand – allows you to purchase gift cards. These cards can then be redeemed at any of the different online gambling websites they operate.

The online casino, BetMGM also offers great gift cards which all include a $10 deposit bonus. You can play at BetMGM in PA today, to find out more about this leading operator and also locate a retailer near you selling the gift cards.

Another great online option comes from DraftKings, this online casino allows players to purchase a $25 or $50 card from selected retailers, which can be used on daily fantasy sports, casino games and the sportsbook, depending on what is permitted in your state.

The well-known Native American-owned Mohegan Sun is a good example of a land-based casino that offers dedicated gift cards. You can order these online – or visit the casino to purchase one – and the person you gift the card to will then be able to redeem the card in the casino for chips or cash.

If you choose to use casino-specific gift cards you need to be aware that they can only be used at that specific casino; this can be great when you know the person you’re gifting one to is a frequent player at a specific casino, but if you don’t know where they regularly play – it may be best to avoid specific cards as it does tie them down.

General Gift Cards

Some gift cards can be used at several different stores; for example, some cards will allow you to redeem the credits at retail locations including Target, Walmart and other stores. However, these cards can’t be used at online gambling websites – which means the second type of card you can give is a prepaid VISA or MasterCard card.

Prepaid cards can be used in a near-identical way to regular debit and credit cards, although they come without the conventional banking services attached to a normal card. For example, the person you give the card to will not be able to add additional money to the card, and they will usually be unable to withdraw back to the same card, too.

However, the benefit of giving prepaid VISA or MasterCard gift cards is that they’re a lot easier to buy, and they don’t tie your friend or loved one down in terms of where they can use the card. Some online casinos, however, have stopped accepting prepaid cards due to high levels of fraud.

How to Deposit Using a Gift Card

Once you’ve found online casinos that accept gift cards your next question will probably be how to use the card to make a deposit. Again, this depends on the type of gift card you’re using. If you’re using a casino-specific card, you’ll need to choose “redeem voucher” or “redeem gift card” on the cashier page.

If you’re using a VISA or MasterCard gift card, then the process of making a deposit is identical to making a deposit using your normal debit and credit cards. You simply need to choose “VISA” or “MasterCard” when selecting your payment method, enter the long 16-digit number from the front of the card, along with other requested details.

Once your deposit has been approved (this generally takes just a couple of minutes) the funds will be available in your online casino account. You’re then free to begin playing all your favorite casino games!

What Cards Can Be Used?

Whether you find a VISA gift card online gambling website or a MasterCard-specific casino you’ll be pleased to learn that virtually every site allows you to use all major card provider cards.

The best online casino sites that accept gift cards generally won’t even know that you’re using a gift card to make a deposit; on their end, it will simply look as though you’re making a deposit using regular debit and credit cards.

Some of the different gift cards that can be used at online gambling websites includes:

  • VISA Prepaid Card
  • MasterCard Prepaid Card
  • American Express Prepaid Card
  • Play+
  • Paysafecard
  • OneVanilla

Please note that some online casinos state in their terms and conditions that gift cards can’t be used to make deposits. Things can get a bit murky here, as they don’t always flag up the fact that it’s a gift card when you make a deposit; if, however, you request a withdrawal and they conduct additional checks, they may catch it here, and it could cause you problems getting your cashout.

We always recommend double checking with a casino before joining – and depositing – whether it’s OK to use a gift card to make a deposit, or not. Reach out to the casino’s customer support team who’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Advantage of Using Casino Gift Cards

There are several advantages of making deposits using a gift card at an online casino – and just like all payment methods, these advantages will vary from person to person. Your specific needs will differ significantly from the needs of other players, so don’t assume gift cards are suitable for everyone.

Arguably the biggest benefit of using a gift card to make a deposit is the fact that you can only spend the amount of money that’s already on the card; this is good news for those who may find themselves spending too much when gambling online; it’s a basic safeguard, if you like.

Casino gift cards are readily accepted at many best casinos with real money games, and this means you don’t have to look around long to find a site that accepts them. Another benefit of using gift cards is the fact that they’re incredibly safe.

When you use your day-to-day debit and credit cards at online gambling websites, for example, you’re trusting the casino; if anything goes wrong and your sensitive information gets leaked, for example, you run the risk of hackers or fraudsters being able to access the rest of the money in your account. This isn’t the case with a gift card, as there’s nothing more to be stolen.

Disadvantages of Using Gift Cards

As with all payment methods, there are also disadvantages to using online gambling gift cards. The most prominent disadvantage is the simple fact that it’s not possible to make a withdrawal back to a gift card; while this isn’t always the case with prepaid cards, if you’re using a traditional gift card, you’ll almost never be able to withdraw back to the same card.

Another downside is that most online casinos restrict players from claiming a welcome bonus if their first deposit is made using a gift card. This is done in an attempt to prevent scammers. Deposit limits also tend to be much lower than conventional payment methods, and this means you’ll often find that the maximum deposit is as low as $200.

Gift Card Welcome Bonuses

As we mentioned in the previous section, some online casinos simply don’t let players claim welcome bonuses and other promotions if they make a deposit using a gift card. This may seem unfair, but, unfortunately, it’s just the way it is. However, this isn’t always the case – and if you do play at a casino that lets users claim a bonus with a gift card, some of the following welcome bonuses may be available to you:

Match Deposit BonusMatched deposit bonuses are a very common type of welcome bonus – and they’re really popular among players. A matched deposit bonus simply means the casino matches your first deposit by a percentage – usually, 100%. So, for example, if you were to deposit $100 the casino would credit your online gambling account with an extra $100.
Free SpinsFree spins are also very popular at online casinos, and they allow you to play on a video slot a number of times for free. Free spins can be offered as part of a welcome bonus package, or standalone; each casino is different.
CashbackCashback at online casinos is less common than matched deposit bonuses or free spins, but it can still be found. Online gambling cashback gives you back a small portion of your losses in the form of bonus funds or wager-free cash.
Wheel SpinsSome online casinos – especially those targeting the UK market – have replaced their old welcome bonuses with new, regulatory-compliant ones. New players who make a minimum deposit of, say, $20, may get to spin a giant wheel. This wheel can, in turn, award free spins, free cash chips, or, sometimes, even real-life prizes and gadgets!
Casino Gift Card FAQs

If you haven’t used a gift card at an online casino before, the process of making a deposit can seem intimidating. However, you’ll soon learn that it’s pretty straightforward – and it’s no different to using your other debit and credit cards. If you have more questions, check out these FAQs below.

Do casinos accept gift cards?

It’s true that not all online gambling websites accept gift card deposits, but many will accept most major card provider cards. This includes prepaid cards – from major banking providers like VISA and MasterCard – as well as other voucher-based gift cards.

Where to find gift card casinos?

If you’re looking for gift card casinos then you’re in the right place. Here on our site, we specialize in reviewing online and offline casinos – finding the best ones with the best games. Many of our recommended casinos allow you to make deposits using a gift card.

Do land-based casinos accept gift cards?

Yes – provided the gift card is specific to that casino. For instance if you purchase a BetMGM gift card, you’ll be able to redeem it at that online casino. Prepaid gift cards won’t always work at land-based casinos – you may need to withdraw money from an ATM, instead.

How to deposit using a gift card?

Making a deposit using a gift card is simple and straightforward; you simply select “card” as your preferred payment method, enter the card information and choose the amount of money you want to deposit. The transaction will then process, and funds will be credited automatically to your online casino account.

Why use a gift card at casinos?

There are several advantages to using a gift card at an online casino. Firstly, you don’t need to enter your card details. Secondly, you have better control over the money you spend, as you can’t spend more money than the amount loaded onto the card.

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