Best Mines Games Easy Way Craps Player in the World

Best Mines Games Easy Way Craps Player in the World

Craps is unlike blackjack, poker, or sports betting, where skill elements differentiate good players from bad ones. Instead, craps is commonly seen as a game of dice probability and chance.

Identifying the world’s best craps player partly hinges on whether you believe in the advantage play strategy known as controlled shooting (a.k.a. dice control).

Top 5 Best Craps Players in the World

Craps stories are less rooted in gambling lore than those of blackjack and poker. A major reason is that, unlike poker and blackjack, craps does not have official results or well-known card counters. Instead, unbelievable craps accomplishments are reported through word-of-mouth or by those attempting to sell books.

This craps guide explores the benefits of dice control with the top players worldwide and talks about amateur players who have set records and crushed casinos. 

Below is a list of five of the most renowned craps gamblers.

#1 Patricia Demauro
  • Most Concecutive Rolls: 154
  • Amateur Player

Everyone’s favourite grandma-gambler, Patricia Demauro, ended Stanley Fujitake’s two-decades-long winning streak in 2019. The amount won was between $500 and $5,000,000. Demauro made 154 throws in 4 hours and 18 minutes of Craps play. She now holds the record for the longest-ever Craps roll.  

Contrary to Demauro’s claims, this winning streak remains unclear. Additionally, there is a one in 1,56 trillion chance that it occurred. Dice control seems unnecessary if a rookie player holds the record for the most consecutive rolls.

Demauro travelled to Atlantic City with a buddy to visit the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and celebrate his birthday. Like most, she favoured slot machines over table games but decided to give craps a shot. Eventually, she asked her friend for assistance with craps and didn’t return the dice for four hours. And that’s how we got the longest-ever Craps roll to this day.

#2 Stanley Fujitake
  • Most Consecutive Rolls: 118 
  • Amateur Player

In the realm of craps records, Stanley Fujitake held the record before Patricia Demauro wiped the slate clean. After one hundred eighteen rolls, Fujitake was still awaiting the appearance of a 7.

They went to the California Casino & Hotel to play games on this specific day. Initially, he placed a $5 wager on each of the three pass line wagers.

Fujitake, on the other hand, increased his wagers as his winning streak continued. After numerous victories, he doubled his stakes to $1,000 and continued to win.

A dealer at the California Casino reported that Fujitake’s rolls were attracting people. Many other gamblers benefited from his good luck.

According to California governor John Repetti, Fujitake departed the casino with a $30,000 payout in his wallet. The casino rewarded thirty to forty individuals who wagered on Fujitake’s rolls a total of $750,000.

In May of 1989, Fujitake made almost $1,000,000 in three hours at the California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 

This length of a Craps roll had never before been documented. Before the dice were distributed, he rolled them 118 times. The most renowned craps players were given new names due to their notoriety and have remained known as “Golden Arms” since then. The “Golden Arm Club” of fortunate winners has formed close after. 

Once per month, the casino used to give a Golden Arm title to a player. Fujitake has been awarded the Golden Arm title four times!

#3 Frank Scoblete
  • Most Consecutive Rolls: 89 
  • Professional player

Frank Scoblete is another well-known dice control expert and craps player. Scoblete used to be a struggling stage actor looking for a break before becoming one of the world’s most famous and successful gambling writers.

In the 1980s, Scoblete went to Atlantic City with fellow actor and future wife Alene Paone to prepare for a role that had to do with casino games and gambling. The two played craps until the cows came home, and Scoblete soon gave up acting to become a professional gambler.

Scoblete eventually realised he could pay for his gambling by writing about the secrets of advantage play. He started Paone Press and published his first book, “Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos: How to Play Craps and Win!” in 1991.

He also never looked back. He went on to write dozens of books about how to play every game in the casino.

Based on his titles, craps seems to have always been his first love:

  • “The Captain’s Craps Revolution” (1993)
  • “Sharpshooter Craps” (1997)
  • “Forever Craps: The Five-Step Advantage-Play Method” (2000)
  • “The Craps Underground” (2004)
  • “Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution!” (2005)
  • “Casino Craps: Shoot to Win” (2010)
  • “Cutting Edge Craps” (2010)
  • “I Am a Dice Controller” (2015)

Under his pen name “The Captain,” Scoblete is said to have rolled 147 times in a row without rolling a seven, which was the record until Demauro broke it at the Borgata.

#4 Garton Mau
  • Most Consecutive Rolls: 72
  • Professional player

The LA Times article described Garton Mau as a four-time Golden Arm champion.

He produced 72 rolls in a row without seven-ing out to demonstrate his abilities to the media. That evening, he went for about an hour’s run.

The Golden Arm tournament’s multiple winners are still active in the Las Vegas region.

#5 Dominic LoRiggio
  • Most Consecutive Rolls: 56 
  • Professional player

When it comes to advantage play craps, there aren’t many people like LoRiggio. The man is so special that his skill got a show on History Channel called “The Dice Dominator.” People say that LoRiggio has the “Golden Touch,” a mysterious skill that no one else seems to have.

LoRiggio is more likely to avoid seven-out rolls if he takes an eight-step approach. To understand the back wall the dice are rolling against, you should put a piece of “Dominator” on a table.

After that, he carefully puts the dice in his hands and chooses a spot for them to land. LoRiggio holds the dice between two fingers as he throws them at the wall. He makes sure they tumble together and don’t go in different directions.

Before he was confident in his skills, he worked on them for six months. Riggio then joined Jerry L. Patterson’s dice-control team.

The Dominator left the ship because of Patterson’s conservative views, which, in essence, served as the basis for the History Channel show Breaking Vegas: Dice Dominator.

With their fame, LoRiggio and Scoblete have been charging over $1,000 per individual to attend their Golden Touch classes.

Does Controlled Shooting Work?

A clean, controlled toss requires a specific grip on the dice and release. The goal is to minimize wall-response and produce more predictable results. 

Advocates of the “dice control” concept hold the view that, with practise, they can learn to influence the outcome of specific rolls of the dice. Interesting, too, is the fact that you don’t have to make frequent adjustments to the results to be successful with this approach over the long term. You do, however, need to understand the basics of the game’s strategy as well as craps terms.

Sevens: Rolls Ratio is a standard metric used by skilled shooters who aim for precision (a.k.a. RSR). This refers to the frequency with which a seven appears on a die compared to other numbers. 

How Does Controlled Shooting Work?

Setting the dice up correctly is the first step in achieving controlled firing. Setting the dice, also known as consistently holding them, is done to conceal the losing numbers on purpose.

Craps offers a wide variety of sets for each possible wager. However, the V-set on a place 6 or 8 bet is a popular starting point.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes up a V-set:

  • 3s face upward in a V-shape (better chance to toss 6).
  • 5 and 1 are beside each other and exposed (equals 6).
  • 2 and 6 are beside each other and exposed (equals 8).
  • 4 and 4 are beside each other and exposed (equals 8).

The next thing to do is get some dice-throwing practise in. The table’s starting point should be the same each time, and so should your first dice toss.

Some dice masters argue that this method is analogous to the daily practise that elite athletes engage in to hone their skills. A professional baseball pitcher, for instance, may practise targeting specific areas of the strike zone.

Of course, not everyone has access to a craps table, so that limits the number of people who can actually practise. This is why it’s recommended that you buy or rig up a practise table.

In essence, dice control can be practice, but there is no actual proof that it is possible.

Are There Any Professional Craps Players?

Professional craps players do not exist, at least not in the sense of legitimately profitable advantage gamblers. 

There aren’t any professional craps players because of two main reasons: 

  • Not even the most precise shot can be considered controlled. 
  • If you slide dice, you’re breaking the law and cheating. 
Who Is the Best Dice Thrower?

Depending on who you ask, LoRiggio “The Dice Dominator” is either the greatest craps player who has ever lived or a total con man.

The 63-year-old gambler claims that his “dice control” strategy has won him so much wealth that most Las Vegas and Mississippi casinos have banned him from entering. His many followers who follow his craps strategy regularly make tens of thousands of dollars shooting bones, according to LoRiggio. 

What Is the Longest Craps Roll Ever?

During a four-h­our­-an­d-e­igh­tee­n-m­inute session on 3rd of May 2009 at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, the craps master reportedly rolled 154 times, including 25 passes. This is officially world record! Demauro’s win broke Stanley Fujitake’s record made back in 1989. He rolled for a total of 118 times over 3 hours and 6 minutes.

Patricia DeMauro started her betting with 100$ worth of money, and after 154 consecutive rolls she left with 1080$ in winnings, which was witnessed by 200 people.

This means that Demauro not only defeated the original trailblazer but also broke a record that had stood for 20 years. This feat is not only amazing because of that, but because the odds of that happening. The chances of rolling this many times consecutively and winning were not in her favour. The probability of that happening are very little, even the average amount of consecutive rolls, which is 8.5, would suggest that this is not possible.

Demauro’s record-breaking roll in craps ensured her induction into the hall of fame for the world-famous dice game.

More precisely, she became a member of the “Platinum Arm Club,” which recognises those who have rolled for 90 minutes or more without “sevening out” on two or more occasions. 

Final thoughts

Craps is a game of pure chance, where the player has no real advantage over the house. To play, simply take the dice from the stickman, blow on them (or perform your chosen superstition), and roll several times until you reach a seven. But every once in a while, the stars align and a lucky player can do no wrong.

The aforementioned craps greats undoubtedly happened upon favourable circumstances. But because of them, we can all dream of a perfect roll lasting for hours and racking up chip stacks to the heavens.

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