Casino Software Explained: Guide to Understanding Online Mines Games Easy Way Gambling Software

Casino Software Explained: Guide to Understanding Online Mines Games Easy Way Gambling Software

The online casinos of today have significantly improved and evolved over a relatively short period of time. Compared to the early versions of online casinos towards the end of the last century, the ones we have today are sophisticated, intuitive and often functionally superb – all thanks to the type of online casino software they use. For the most part, casinos today provide a truly excellent or even exceptional online gaming experience to the players.

In this article, we talk about the importance of quality casino gaming software, how they work, and the types of casino software the players can enjoy.

What is Casino Software (Gambling Software)?

Casino software is an online software that enables online casinos to provide seamless and quality gambling and gaming experience to players. 

Modern casino software are much more sophisticated than those in the early days as their graphics, animation, sound effects and background music are now optimised to agree with the modern player.

As per the Gambling Act 20053 (the Act), casino gaming software (gambling software) is defined as “computer software for use in connection with remote gambling”. However, gambling software does not include “anything for use solely in connection with a gaming machine”.

If a software is used by non-gambling businesses as well as gambling businesses (e.g. business applications or general infrastructure), the Commission does not consider that software to be gambling software. For instance, companies that supply or install general Microsoft, Apple, or Oracle applications will not be licensed as gambling software.

How Do Casino Software Work?

All online casinos are powered by specialised casino gaming software that are based on Random Number Generators (RNGs). The RNGs oversee delivering random outcomes and ensuring complete fairness in different types of online gambling. Furthermore, casino gaming software operates on a few important principles that guarantee a quality experience for the players:

Even the Odds

A vital aspect of online casino software is, possibly, the way in which it handles odds. Featuring advanced permutations and variations that balance randomness and control to even out the odds, online casino software companies build such platforms that keep the player interested while ensuring the house makes back enough cash to stay in profit.

Essentially, the core of every successful gameplay is a casino gaming software that manages games’ payout rates and juggles in RNG to define the outcome of each spin of the reels, shuffle of the deck, or roll of the dice. However, as there are different types of RNG, an online casino software will permit randomness within prearranged operational limits.

Enhancing User Experience

Casino software companies are getting more advanced by the day, building adaptive and responsive options that align with diverse users’ preferences.

The complex nuts and bolts of casino gaming software are skilfully masked by the interface elements, which ought to be as intuitive and eye-catching as possible to keep punters coming back for more, and entirely adaptable to different operating systems, screen sizes and input options.

Some casino sites develop their software in-house, establishing a holistic experience, managed, and controlled closely. Others outsource to third parties, using externally created games and merely hosting them under one roof.

Both options are legitimate and widely applied, with the only difference being the extent of choice. While the first results in a less varied but more consistent experience for the players, the latter gives players more choice but doesn’t guarantee quality consistency.

Payment Processing

Although user interface and RNGs do play a very significant role for a casino software quality, payment processing ranks among the most important aspects of gambling software, too.

Payment processing solutions are a feature of casino software providers that relates to an online casino in a way that allows players to:

  • Accept and process player deposits and withdrawals
  •  Offer different payment methods (e.g. credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, eWallets, etc.)
  • Integrate with the biggest gambling platforms
  • Offer local payments
  • Prevent fraud
  • Prevent chargebacks

Therefore, finding casino software developers that can offer all three is key for a successful online casino experience.

desktop casino gaming software
Different Types of Casino Software

The iGaming world is built on a variety that’s rapidly increasing and expanding, bringing players an incredibly exciting assortment of options. In that manner, the casino gaming software assortment is extensive, as well. Still, how you play depends on what device you have and where you play.

Casino software can be divided into three categories – download, instant play, and mobile – all three of which offer a variety of games to play across different devices.

Download Casino Software

In the modern casino tone, software and apps are often optional. Although there are still platforms that offer games for download, non-download (aka instant play) games are growing into the go-to of virtually every modern casino. A download casino software is, these days, usually only compatible with PCs running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Once downloaded, this gambling software is giving you full access to a wide selection of games at your preferred casino.

Instant Play Software

Instant play software is a super popular option at most online casinos. Unlike the downloadable one, this type of internet casino software allows players to play games directly from their web browser, no download required. Instant play software typically uses Adobe Flash, which means it is compatible with plenty of operating systems and devices.

Many types of instant game software can be accessed from smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Apps

Recently, we’ve been seeing more and more casinos develop apps for their online gaming platforms, in such a way broadening players’ access to their libraries. What is more, some casino providers have a range of games designed (or modified) exclusively for mobile devices.

These casino apps are available for download from the player’s phones or tablets (provided they use the appropriate app store), or directly from the casino’s website.

Why is Casino Software Important for Operators?

Casino gaming software can either make or break a casino, and that’s just how things are.

The two top reasons why punters leave a casino or stop visiting it all together are poor site quality and long cashout times, both of which relate to gambling software quality.

If you are a casino owner, you should know that featuring a flawless software platform in your casino that loads games instantly, offers mobile-friendly solutions, processes payments fast and safely, and lets players contact customer care easily is the most important aspect of your success plan. 

To avoid dishonest software providers, analyse the market and get familiar with products and services offered by different casino software providers. Solutions like White Label Casinos are a fantastic way to give your online gambling business a quality head start, too. 

Also, mind your players’ opinions as they are the only ones that matter. Instead of taking player-feedback as critique, look at it as inputs for improvement: your players will tell you the truth about the best types of gaming software on the market, features from different providers, quality, how slots work, etc.

Inspect if there are complaints of low-quality software operation. Nevertheless, keep in mind that feedback is subjective and does not necessarily reflect the real-life situation. In that sense, do your own research and pair it up with player-opinions, following.

Investing a lot of time, effort, and money into ensuring your players get a smooth and safe gameplay experience is the best possible investment you can make.

Casino software is not relevant only for operators, it’s important for players, too. So much so, that we included it in our in-depth online casino guide which details all of the essential aspects on playing online.

How to Choose Casino Software If You Are a Player

If you are a player, the following nuances are what to pay attention to when choosing a gambling software:

  • Licensed software

If you want a seamless online gambling experience, go for a platform that features licenced and regulated software, with all necessary permits attached. While some casinos may try to trick you with unlicensed software, know your providers and go for the trustworthy ones. Casino gaming software should hold eCOGRA approval, as well.

  • User-friendly interface

Modern, legitimate casino software providers majorly offer games with a functional and handy interface. Go for casinos that feature this type of software if you want to enjoy your gameplay with no interruptions.

  •  Quality of graphics and sound

Modern players like yourself expect excellence in every segment of their gameplay, don’t you? Don’t settle for anything less but high quality visual and audio experience complemented with outstanding music background for added enjoyment.

  • Adaptability to mobile devices

As per Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2018, around 59% of the global adult population use smartphones. If you are one of the players who loves their games on the go, go for online casinos/gambling platforms that have integrated software compatible with mobile devices.

  •  Customer support

High-quality customer service is an already understood aspect of every modern online casino software setup. They should be able to provide 24/7 assistance in technical issues. Other than that, bonus customer support should come in the form of phone number and email availability, too.

mobile gambling software
Largest and Most Famous Casino Software Providers

The following are some of the most famous and widely used casino gaming software. It is not unusual for a casino platform to use two or more software from one of these companies.


One of the first companies to get involved in online gambling, Microgaming claims to have opened the very first online casino back in 1994. In addition to developing hundreds of casino games, this casino software operates an online poker network, too, continually upgrading its casino games offer with exciting releases, as well. Microgaming has won several prestigious industry awards.

Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

NetEnt came to existence in 1996, and it has grown to become one of the best-known suppliers of casino software. This casino games software is Scandinavia’s finest that has won numerous industry awards and keeps on surprising players with its innovation and unique content. NetEnt is primarily releasing slots, although it too offers table games and live games. If you are interested in reading more about how online and offline slots work and their correlation to software, you can do so here.

At the end of 2020, Evolution completed the acquisition of NetEnt and started a total integration.


Playtech has been online since 1999, actively providing online casinos with sportsbooks, poker rooms, bingo halls, live casinos, and more. Playtech is among online casino software that offer licensed slot titles (Marvel fans already know that!) in an impressive number, and live dealer games.

Playtech has developed the popular online poker network iPoker. This gambling software is particularly popular in the UK casino market and is, overall, considered to be one of the best in the industry. Playtech is unavailable to US players.

Real Time Gaming

Real Time Gaming (RTG) was formed in 1998 and is one of the biggest software providers for online casinos accepting USA customers. RTG is best known for its extensive range of online slots, that include several with progressive jackpots; however, this casino software is also known for developing a variety of other games as well.

RTG provides downloadable games as well as instant play games; some of its games are compatible with mobile devices.

International Gaming Technology

With a history dating back decades, International Gaming Technology (IGT) is a bona fide giant in the gambling world. IGT is among those casino software companies that have long been involved in the design and manufacture of gaming machines, with the estimate of having produced approximately half of all new slot machines in the USA.

In the late 20th century, IGT expanded into developing games for online casinos, helped by its purchase of WagerWorks, a renowned online gaming technology company. In recent times, IGT merged with GTECH, an Italian gaming equipment company.

If you are looking for the online casino software providers, you can find them here.

Final Thoughts on Casino Software

Casino gaming software is one of the most vital aspects of every gambling platform, whether online or offline. To have a memorable experience every time you visit a casino, see if it fits the checklist from above. Also, remember: always choose a licensed casino with a proven track record of trustworthy and quality interactions. 

And, if you are looking to gain more gambling insight, check out the AskGamblers podcast episodes released on Spotify.

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