The Martingale System is one of the best baccarat strategies Online Casino

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The Martingale System is one of the best baccarat strategies Online Mines GamesPH Casino, famously applied in a variety of online casino games. This strategy is based on doubling your bet each time you lose, with the aim of recovering all past losses with one successful win.

For example, if you bet $10 and lose, your next bet would be $20. If you lose again, your next bet would then be $40, and so on. Once you score a win, you revert to your initial bet of $10. Keep in mind that there are pros and cons to using this baccarat betting strategy.

While the Martingale System can potentially lead to short-term gains, it can also result in significant losses over the long run due to the exponential increase in bet size after a losing streak. So it’s always good to set a budget before you start playing and stick to it.

The Paroli System is also known as the Reverse Martingale. This is another baccarat winning strategy that focuses on positive progression. Contrary to the Martingale, in the Paroli System, you double your bet every time you win, and return to your initial bet size after a loss.

For instance if your first wager is $5, if you win, you double your bet and place a $10 wager on your next round. If you win again, you continue to double, making your next bet $20. This doubling continues for each subsequent win.

However, if you lose at any point, you revert to your initial bet size, which in this case is $5, and you start the process over again. This is a more conservative betting strategy.

The 1-3-2-6 System is a baccarat strategy specifically designed to manage your bets and potential winnings. Here, the sequence 1-3-2-6 represents the multiples of your unit bet.

Suppose your unit bet is $10. In the first round, you bet $10 (1 unit). If you win, in the second round, you bet $30 (3 units). A win here leads to a third-round bet of $20 (2 units). Finally, if you’re still winning, you would bet $60 (6 units) in the fourth round.

After the fourth round, you restart the system, whether you win or lose. The goal of this strategy is to accumulate profit while managing your risk of high losses.


Best Baccarat Strategies Online Casino

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This section provides an overview of popular baccarat strategies. It’s worth noting that these baccarat tips do not guarantee any winnings as it is a game of chance. However, when implemented, these techniques can help you maximize your winnings and get the most out of your online gambling experience.

The best baccarat strategy can significantly increase your odds and potentially make you a winner at the table. By playing with an optimal strategy in baccarat, you can reduce the house edge, making it one of the more player-friendly games at online casinos.

In this comprehensive guide on the best baccarat strategies, we will share insightful playing tips that will enhance your chances of winning. Continue reading to explore all about the most effective ways to play baccarat and the top 10 online casino sites where you can play this exciting game.


How to Win Baccarat in Mines Games On LuckyCola

How to Win Baccarat in Mines Games On LuckyCola

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino card games, but unlike blackjack, it’s not a game of skill. In fact, you don’t even get to play your own hand. There are only two hands:

  • The player hand
  • The banker hand

And you’d think that you’d be required to bet on the player hand, but no — you can bet on either. Hands also sometimes wind up with a tie result, which is also something you can bet, giving you three possible bets.

Baccarat is also available in three versions:

  • Punto banco
  • Chemin de fer
  • Baccarat banque

Most casinos in the United States deal punto banco, which is the version I’ll focus on in this post about how to win at baccarat (for sure).

How to Play Baccarat (Even If You’ve Never Played Before)

Baccarat falls into a category of card games called “comparing” games. You compare one hand to the other to see which one wins. (Poker and blackjack are also comparing games, by the way.)

In baccarat, the hand with the higher point total is the winner — in that respect, it resembles blackjack.

But the way the points are calculated in baccarat is significantly different.

  • The cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are all worth their value in points.
  • The 10s, jacks, queens, and kings are all worth 0 points.
  • Aces are worth 1 point.

The suit doesn’t matter.

You drop the digit on the left when ascertaining the final point value. In other words, if you have a total of 9, that’s just a total of 9.

But if you have a total of 12, that’s a total of 2 (the left-most digit — the 1 — is dropped).

This means you can have a potential total of between 0 and 9. There are no other possible totals when it comes to points in a baccarat hand.

If you’re playing baccarat in most of the Western world, you’re playing punto banco, even if it’s just labeled “baccarat.” The casino acts as the banker for the game; you don’t compete with the other players at the table.

Also, the casino deals the cards according to a specific set of rules. That’s comparable to the way the dealer has to play her hand in blackjack in a prescribed way, too.

Two hands are dealt — the player hand and the banker hand — but those are just arbitrary designations. You can bet on either hand to win. (“Punto banco” just means “player banker,” in fact.)

The casino deals from a shoe, just like in blackjack, which usually has eight decks of cards in it. The dealer starts by burning a card. Then the dealer burns a number of cards equal to the burn card’s value. These cards are burned face-down.

Each hand gets two cards, just like in blackjack. They’re dealt alternately, starting with a card for the player’s hand, then a card for the banker’s hand, then a second card for the player’s hand and a second card for the dealer’s hand.

If either hand has a total of 8 or 9, that’s it for the hand. The dealer announces the winner, collects the losing bets, and pays off the winning bets.

Baccarat Dealer With Banker Win

If neither hand has a total of 8 or 9, the dealer applies the drawing rules to decide whether to deal the player hand a third card.

Then — and this is again done according to the drawing rules — the dealer determines whether to deal the banker a third card.

After this is all adjudicated, the hand is finished, and the dealer announces the winner and collects and pays off bets.

It’s not necessary for the average baccarat player to understand how the drawing rules work, as the casino dealer does all the work.

But in case you’re wondering…

How the Drawing Rules Work in Baccarat

The dealer checks the player’s hand first to see if it gets a third card. The rules for this are simple.

If the player hand is 5 or less, the hand gets a third card.

Otherwise, the hand doesn’t get a third card.

After that’s determined, the dealer decides whether to deal a third card to the banker hand.

The first consideration is whether the player got a third card. If the player hand stood pat, then the banker hand follows the same rules as the player hand.

But if the player took a third card, the rules for the banker get more complicated, and they’re based on the banker hand’s total and the value of the player’s third card, as follows:

  • The banker hand always gets a third card if the hand’s total is 2
  • The banker hand gets a third card if the hand’s total is 3 and the player hand’s third card was an 8
  • The banker hand gets a third card if the hand’s total is 4 and the player hand’s third card was 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7
  • The banker gets a third card if the hand’s total is 5 and the player hand’s third card was 4, 5, 6, or 7
  • The banker gets a third card if the hand’s total is 6 and the player hand’s third card was 6 or 7
  • If the banker hand has a total of 7, it stands pat

The hand with the higher total score wins.

The Bets Available at the Baccarat Table

You have three possible bets at the baccarat table:

  • Player
  • Banker
  • Tie

The player bet pays off at even money.

The banker bet pays off at 19 to 20 odds, which is the same thing as an even-money payoff minus a 5% commission.

The tie bet pays off at 8 to 1.

Baccarat Bets Tie Banker Player

Here are examples:

  • You bet $100 on the player and win. You get your $100 back, and you also get $100 in winnings
  • You bet $100 on the banker and win. You get your $100 back, and you also get $95 in winnings
  • You bet $100 on a tie and win. You get your $100 back, and you also get $800 in winnings

If this sounds like a lot to you, baccarat might not be the appropriate game for you. In many casinos, baccarat is a high-roller game with minimum bets of $100 per hand. The maximum bet is usually $500, although it can be higher (in some cases, much higher) than that.

Can Baccarat Be Beaten?

Baccarat, like all casino games, can be beaten.

But only in the short run if you get lucky.

All the bets at the baccarat table have a mathematical edge for the casino. This means that in the long run, baccarat CANNOT be beaten.

There’s no strategy for baccarat because the only decisions you make are which bet to take. You don’t get to decide whether you hit or stand.

Card counting doesn’t work in baccarat, either. They’ve done the math, and you just can’t get enough of an edge from counting cards in baccarat to make it worth your while.

Varying the sizes of your bets based on what happened on previous bets doesn’t work in the long run, either. This is the most popular “baccarat strategy,” though.

You’ll find players keeping careful track of which bets are winning and how often. Some of them will jump on one side of the action or the other if it’s been winning a lot.

For example, you might sit down and play four hands of baccarat, and the player bet might win three of those hands. You might assume (wrongly) that the player bet wins 75% of the time, so you bet on the player.

Or you might assume that the probability of winning is roughly 50% for either side, so if the player bet has won three times in a row, a win for the banker is overdue. That doesn’t work, either.

You might raise the size of your bets after a loss to try to recoup your losses. That, too, doesn’t work.

The probabilities are determined by the cards in the deck. What happened in previous hands has a minimal effect on this in an eight-deck shoe. And the only reason past hands have ANY effect on the next hand’s probability is because it changes the composition of the deck (the cards that have been played are no longer in the deck).

But they’ve done the math. You can’t get an edge from counting cards in baccarat.

You might try the Martingale System, which is when you double the size of your bet after each loss. The problem is that the size of your bet gets too big too fast because there’s not much of a range between the minimum and maximum bets.

$100 – $200 – $400 – $800

If you lose three times in a row, you can’t make the next bet in the progression, so the system breaks down entirely.

The Martingale System doesn’t work with other games, either, but it’s especially ineffective in a situation where you have such a limited betting range.

What Is the Best Strategy for Baccarat?

The best strategy for baccarat is strangely simple.

Treat baccarat as a form of entertainment. You can’t win in the long run or make a living at baccarat, no matter what some of the slimy system-sellers might tell you. There’s no strategy for HOW to play your hand, so your best bet is to relax and enjoy the entertainment value of the game. In that respect, baccarat resembles slot machines or roulette.

Dealer And Four Players Enjoying Baccarat As Entertainment

Accept that entertainment costs money. Sometimes you’ll win at baccarat, and sometimes you’ll lose. You’ll lose more often than not, though, and those net losses are the cost of your entertainment. With this attitude, you’ll think of baccarat as being not much different from buying a book or paying for a movie.

Keep your entertainment costs as low as possible by placing the bet with the lowest house edge, every time. I’ve already mentioned the mathematical edge that the casino has over the player in baccarat. But I didn’t mention that it can be measured as a percentage.

This percentage is the amount that you’re statistically expected to lose from every bet on average over a long period of time. In other words, if the house edge is 1%, the casino expects to win $1 every time you wager $100.

Of course, that’s not what the actual outcomes will look like in the short run. That’s a predicted average that you’ll begin to see over hundreds or thousands of hands.

In some games, the house edge is the same no matter what bet you place.

But in baccarat, each of the three possible bets has a different house edge.

Your job is to pick the bet with the lowest house edge. That’s the best bet.

What Is the Best Bet in Baccarat?

The best bet in baccarat is a bet on the banker. The house edge for the banker bet is only 1.06%.

The player bet isn’t terrible, either. The house edge is 1.24%. It’s not a terrible bet when compared to other bets in the casino, but there’s no legitimate, logical reason for placing the player bet instead of the banker bet.

The tie bet, though, is not an attractive bet — even when compared to average bets at other casino games. The payout is attractive, sure, but the house edge is 14.4%.

Here’s one warning, too: Don’t rely on hunches.

You’re not psychic.

You won’t be able to predict what’s going to happen on the next hand regardless of how strong a feeling you have.

Just place the banker bet repeatedly, regardless of what happened in the previous hand.

But I Want to Win for Sure

Of course, you do.

Who doesn’t?

But if there were a way to win at baccarat for sure, the casinos wouldn’t offer the game.

They’re not in the business of paying out money to winners. They’re in the business of taking money from losers.

If you want a surefire way of not losing, I can offer you that — don’t play.


You might be disappointed that a post titled “How to Win at Baccarat (for Sure)” doesn’t have a surefire way to win at the game of baccarat.

I’d submit, though, that anyone who DOES offer you a surefire way to win is suggesting that you cheat (a felony in Nevada) or is lying about the efficacy of their method.

Either way, I’ve done you a better service than that.

The good news is that, even though you can’t possibly win at baccarat in the long run, the house edge for the game is low enough to make it worth playing.

And it can be a lot of fun, too.


What’s so Great About Baccarat Mines Games Bonus, Anyway?

What’s so Great About Baccarat Mines Games Bonus, Anyway?

Baccarat is an old game with an interesting history, and not just because James Bond plays it in so many old movies. It used to be played in a separate area of the casino with a lot of accouterments that made high rollers feel like they were really special.

Strangely enough, for a card game with such a huge following, baccarat has no skill element at all. It isn’t like blackjack where your decisions about how to play each hand have a major effect on your mathematical expectation.

Winning at baccarat is just a matter of being good at a guessing game that’s not much more complicated than Casino War. But people love it, and I’ll tell you why.

How to Play Baccarat

The casino shuffles up eight standard decks of cards and stores them in a shoe. Unlike blackjack players, baccarat players don’t get dealt any cards of their own.

Instead, the baccarat dealer deals two cards for a player hand and a banker hand. You can bet on either hand.

The face cards and 10s count as zero. The numbered cards have points equal to their ranking. Aces count as one point. Suits don’t matter.

To get the value of each hand, you total the value of the cards and ignore the “10s” place. So, a total of 29 is treated as a 9, and a total of 14 is treated as a 4.

If you have a hand that includes an 8 and a 9, for example, the total value of the hand is 7.

Do you see why? The hand that wins is the one that gets closer to 9, which is the highest possible score.

But gameplay doesn’t end immediately unless one of the hands has a total of 8 or 9. If one does, the winning hand is declared, and a new round starts. A total of 8 or 9 is called a “natural.”

If the player’s hand is less than 5, a third card gets dealt. The dealer’s hand is more complicated.

Here are the rules for whether the dealer gets a third card:
  1. If the player hand doesn’t get a third card, the banker hand gets a third card if its total is 5 or lower.
  2. If the banker total has a 0, 1, or 2, the banker gets a third card.
  3. If the banker total is 3, the bank draws a third unless the player’s third card was an 8.
  4. If the banker total is 4, the bank draws a third card if the player has a third card of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  5. If the banker total is 5, the bank draws a third card if the player has a third card of 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  6. If the banker total is 6, the bank draws a third card if the player has a third card of 6 or 7.
  7. If the bank total is 7, the banker hand stands pat.
You have three possible bets you can make:
  1. Player
  2. Banker
  3. Tie

The player bet pays off at even money and carries a house edge of 1.24%. The banker bet pays off at even money, but the casino keeps a 5% commission. This gives the house an edge of 1.06% with this bet.

A tie bet pays off at 8 to 1 and has a whopping 14.36% house edge. You’ll see a lot of players tracking what’s happened on previous hands. They like to bet based on what happened previously.

They’re engaged in something called the “gambler’s fallacy,” which I’ll explain shortly.

What Is the House Edge and How Does It Work?

The house edge is the mathematical edge that the casino has over the player. It’s the reason that casinos are decorated like palatial estates for the wealthiest people in history, and it’s why most gamblers live in apartments.

Basically, the casino has an edge over the player because the bets pay off at different odds than the payouts for those bets.

For Example:

If a casino bet has 3 to 1 odds of winning, but the bet only pays off at 2 to 1 odds, the casino has a mathematical edge that can’t be overcome in the long run.

If you bet $100 on such a game four times and get statistically perfect results, you’d still lose three times at $100 each, for a $300 total loss. You’d win $200 on that winning result, but you’d still be down by $100 over four trials.

That’s an average loss per trial of $25, which is 25% of the size of your original bet. The house edge in that case would be 25%.

Generally, the lower the house edge is, the better the game is for the players. The casino still wins in the long run, but in the short term, random chance ensures that some players walk away winners.

The best house edge in a casino is usually either at the blackjack tables or at some of the video poker machines. The house edge on a good blackjack table under good conditions is far less than 1%, maybe even as low as 0.25%. You can also find video poker games with a house edge that low.

But those games require skill to play. Baccarat has one of the lowest house edge figures to face in the casino, but when you compare it to other games that are entirely random, it’s downright stellar.

Roulette, by way of example, also has no skill element, and the house edge for that game is 5.26%.

That doesn’t sound like much, but when you look at the average expected loss for a gambling session of one hour, it adds up.

For example, let’s assume you’re betting $100 per spin of the roulette wheel, which means the casino expects you to lose $5.26 on average for each of those spins. You might see 35 spins per hour, so if you’re losing $5 on average per spin, you’re looking at $175 per hour in losses.

With the same kind of action at the baccarat table, you’re looking at only losing around 1% of that action, or $35 per hour.

Of course, in the short run, you’ll see better or worse results for these sessions. But over time, if you play long enough, your average will start to resemble the expectation.

You’ll also notice that I round down and assume you’re smart enough to avoid the tie bet, which is an awful sucker bet with a big house edge.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

My favorite thing about baccarat, though, are the players who are religiously tracking the results of every hand on their index cards. They’re tracking how many times the banker bet has won versus the player bet. Since this is basically a coin toss, those results should be roughly equal over a long period of time.

Their thinking is that if banker has won 70 times out of the last 100 hands, player is due to win, because the odds have to even out eventually, right?

That’s the gambler’s fallacy in a nutshell. It’s the idea that past results affect the probability of future events. Every hand of baccarat is (for all practical purposes) an independent event.

Some people have looked into the possibility of counting cards in baccarat, as the ratio of cards in the deck does change as the game is played.

But the best minds in blackjack have determined that, because of the rules of baccarat, the effects of the cards being dealt is minimal on the outcomes over time. Keep in mind, too, that baccarat is almost always played with eight decks, which would minimize any possible edge you could get counting even if you were playing blackjack.


So, here’s what’s so great about baccarat. It’s a relatively slow-paced game with a relatively low house edge, AND it requires no skill to play well.

If you’re smart enough to remember to always bet on the banker, you can face a casino game with a house edge that’s about 1%. This is as close to a breakeven game as someone could hope for without having to study basic strategy in blackjack or optimal play in video poker.

The only disadvantage to baccarat is that it’s often aimed at relatively well-heeled gamblers, which means the betting limits are sometimes out of the range of normal gamblers like you and me.


Is Baccarat a Mines Games Tips of Skill or Chance?

Is Baccarat a Mines Games Tips of Skill or Chance?

Card games are always going to be available to you no matter at which casino sites you choose to play at, and one game you might like the look of is Baccarat.

Below I am going to give you a quick insight into how Baccarat games have been designed and by reading on you are going to find just how easy that casino card game is to play and why a huge number of players all over the world do give it a lot of attention when playing online too!

However, one thing to be aware of about playing Baccarat as opposed to playing casino card games such as Blackjack and video poker is that there is no level of skill needed to play it.

As such when and if you do decide to play Baccarat in any playing environment you are going to find it is a complete game of chance and as such you have no playing or betting decisions to make once you have made your initial betting decision.

That is why many players do enjoy playing Baccarat, for it is very easy to play but a game that does also tend to offer a very low house edge, so you will always get fair chance of winning when playing it!

How to Play Baccarat

There is nothing complicated what so ever in regards to how Baccarat has been designed, and as such you are going to find it one of the easiest games to play if you are seeking a very basic playing types of casino card games to play online.

When you first start playing Baccarat you will be faced with having to place one of three different bets on the betting layout in front of you on the Baccarat table.

The basic aim of the game and its playing structure and format is such is that two hands are going to be dealt out one known as the Players hand and the other the Bankers hand, and a series of playing cards are then dealt out to each of those two hands and you have to try and guess which hand is going to have a total value of the cards dealt out to it that add up to closer total to nine than the other hand.

You can place a bet on either of those two hands and you can also place a bet on whether you think both hands are going to add up to the exact same total, and that bet is aptly known as the Tied Hand bet.

Payout Odds of Baccarat Games

Each casino may offer you a different set of payout odds on the tied hand bet, however the way the other two hands payout to winning players is going to be the same at all online casino sites.

The tied hand bet can payout some much higher valued winning payout odds than that of the other two hands, but that is a very poor valued bet for it comes with a huge house edge, so never place the tied hand bet as you will lose your money much quicker over the long term!

The Players hand bet is one which pays out at odds of even money, and as such if you place a bet on the players hand and it wins you are paid out at even money.

The Bankers hand bet also pays out at even money too, however there is a 5% house commission that has to be paid out of the winnings you achieve on any Bankers hand bet you place, so keep that in mind!


You will find that many of our featured online casino sites are going to be offering you both a standard computer and random number generator driven and controlled version of Baccarat, and also a live casino version to that popular casino card game too.

As such you have the choice of playing Baccarat on your on by making use of the software driven variant of the game, or you can set about playing Baccarat alongside other players at real life gaming tables when you choose to get stuck into playing the live casino version of that game!

It doesn’t really matter which variant you choose to play as the payout odds are the same on both the bankers and players bets and you will also have a very wide range of different staking options that are available to you too.

Plus, if you simply want to test out how to play Baccarat games online then that is something that you are also very easily going to be able to so, for there will be demo mode version of Baccarat available it you at any of our featured casino sites. However, you cannot play live dealer Baccarat for free!