Do Mines Games On LuckyCola Casinos Keep Track of Your Winnings and Losses

Do Mines Games On LuckyCola Casinos Keep Track of Your Winnings and Losses

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Legislation and Compliance

All casinos are governed by strict laws — both federal and state-specific legislation ‒ and so collecting general data, including players’ geographical location and age, forms part of meeting their legal obligations in this regard. Online sites also use players’ IP addresses for the same reasons of legal compliance. In terms of winnings, casinos also have a fiduciary responsibility to report winnings over a certain threshold to the IRS. As a general rule, winnings from gambling are not subject to taxation, but it’s worth players being up to date on tax regulations.

Marketing and Improved User Experience

By tracking wins and losses, casinos can respond by encouraging or discouraging certain player habits. In the case of persistent losses, a casino may even block a user if they play casino online games or bar them for a period from a land-based establishment. Information can also be used to push certain promotions when a casino sees that a player has a preference for a certain game and to enhance the overall user experience of a site or casino.

Managing Their Own Wins and Losses

Although it’s generally accepted that casinos never lose in the long run, the house also needs to closely monitor its own wins and losses. Casinos losing money are poorly run casinos, so tracking players’ wins and losses helps them identify their own weak areas. It may be a misfiring slot or a sloppy dealer that’s causing the losses. Only by tracking their patrons’ wins and losses can casinos track their own.

Monitoring High Rollers and Regular Losers

It’s in any casino’s interest to know exactly who its high rollers and regular losers are. By casino tracking wins and losses, they’re able to manage player behaviors, encourage them to play responsibly and keep gamblers safe from persistent loss or over-ambitious betting.

How Casinos Track Your Winnings and Losses

Modern technology makes it extremely easy for both land-based and online casinos to track their players’ winnings and losses. As mentioned earlier, casinos gather a range of information about players. Here are a few of them.

Facial Recognition

Some casinos use CCTV surveillance, including facial recognition software, to monitor clients’ movements around the casino floor. In this way, they’re able to track patrons at the tables or the slots and monitor how they are faring during any single gambling session. In more advanced environments, facial recognition immediately links the casino’s database to a player’s profile, making the tracking more targeted.

Tracking the Chips

In some land-based casinos, the gambling chips are microchipped. Initially, this practice enabled casinos to deactivate chips that were removed or stolen from their premises, but now they can check the chips against the player who took them and where they are at any time on the floor. But, the speed with which the chips change hands does make it difficult to track an individual’s winnings and losses.

Tracking Loyalty Cards

Every time a player swipes their card at the casino to buy chips or when they swipe for spins in the slots, withdrawals and deposits can be monitored, giving the casino a pretty accurate picture of how a player is doing. If you add casino loyalty programs to player card usage, this paints an even more detailed picture of the casino of player habits, winnings, and losses. What casinos don’t have information on is a player’s overall net worth. They can’t access your private bank account or credit card information; this remains confidential to you, the account holder. 

Tracking in the Online Casino Environment

Of course, tracking a digital footprint is even easier than tracking a real one. Every tap you make, every enter or play button you press when you’re online gambling, leaves a digital record, whether it’s online slotsonline roulette, or any other casino game you’re playing. Your activity can be tracked, including your winnings and losses. Online sites do everything they can to keep their players safe online, but it’s also incumbent on online users to ensure they’re using secure networks and different passwords. So, the answer to “Do casinos track your winnings?” is yes. They track everyone’s winnings for safety and security purposes as much as for marketing.

Play Where You Are Known

Although some players prefer to maintain their anonymity when playing online, there’s a lot to be said for being a regular, loyal player on a site. A generous rewards program and your safety are two excellent reasons to register and play at LuckyCola.

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