Four Mines GamesPH of the Best Gambling Summits in the USA

Four Mines GamesPH of the Best Gambling Summits in the USA

In 2023, there are tons of gambling summits in the USA you won’t want to miss. For example, the Gambling & Risk Taking Conference in Las Vegas is going to reveal huge industry insights, as will the Global Gaming Expo. On this page, we’re going to tell you more about the main events on the gambling summit USA calendar and give you some tips to attend them effectively!

USA Gambling Summits: A 2023 Overview

USA gambling summits are becoming increasingly popular as the US continues to open up in terms of legalizing gambling online. While the vast majority of iGaming events continue to be held in Europe, we’re seeing a gradual shift – and 2023 is an exciting year, with some great events to consider attending! In today’s post, we’re going to show you iGaming and land-based casino events in the US that, we feel, are well worth attending.

Top USA Gambling Events to Experience

Attending the top USA gambling events in 2023 is a great way of learning new things, networking with industry insiders, and keeping up-to-date with the latest iGaming trends and innovations. Here’s a brief summary of the events we’ll be covering in today’s post.

Firstly, there’s the Gambling & Risk Taking Conference in Las Vegas. Here, you’ll learn all about gambling psychology and player-focused decision-making, with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts giving their insights for 2023.

The second event, the All American Sports Betting Summit in San Francisco, is going to cover everything sports-related. This will include an in-depth look at regulatory changes, marketing strategies, and technological advancements – so those involved in sports betting in the US won’t want to miss this one.

The EGR US Power Summit in California is another event well-worth attending, as online gaming and sports betting experts come together to share insights and best practices for 2023. There will be roundtable discussions, speeches – and, as always, plenty of chances to network!

Finally, the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas is an all-encompassing event that showcases the latest products, services, and trends in the gambling industry, featuring a comprehensive exhibition floor and educational sessions. We’ll be talking more about this event and the others in this blog; however, for those who prefer quick information, we’ve provided the name of the events, as well as their dates and locations, below:

Gambling & Risk Taking Conference (Las Vegas, NV)May 23-25
All American Sports Betting Summit (San Francisco, CA)June 29-30
EGR US Power Summit 2023 (California – TBC)September 14
Global Gaming Expo (G2E) (Las Vegas, NV)October 9
Gambling & Risk Taking Conference, Las Vegas

If you’re passionate about learning about the psychological aspects of gambling, or if you’d like to understand how public policy is formed, the Gambling & Risk Taking Conference is worth checking out; it’s pretty cheap, too, compared to other summits!

In 2023, the event will be held between May 23-25, and you’ll need to get yourself to the Park MGM in Las Vegas. As always, the event is organized by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

As the event is only held once every three years, demand is high, so tickets generally sell out very fast. There’s a good reason for that, as attendees get to hear from experts, researchers, and professionals who all have extensive knowledge and will be sharing their latest industry insights.

The conference was first held back in 1974, when Dr. Bill Eadington wanted to start an event focusing solely on gambling research. In the last few decades, it’s become one of the most popular gambling summits in the US.

You’ll find a huge array of professionals attending the event – including academics, regulatory officials, and professional gamblers. Even government officials often make an appearance. Together, these experts and legislators look at the latest gambling research and discuss ways of addressing things from social harm to best practices.

The ultimate objective of the conference is for attendees to depart with novel concepts to advance innovation and protect vulnerable individuals.

In 2019, more than 500 individuals from over 34 countries attended the conference. Topics discussed align across disciplines such as mathematics, treating pathological gambling behaviors, public policy matters and social sciences – but often prioritize exploring psychological factors that drive players’ behavior.

All American Sports Betting Summit

Put a reminder on your calendar for the dates of June 28-30, 2023, as you won’t want to miss out on the All American Sports Betting Summit that’s set to take place in San Diego, California.

Following May of 2018, when PASPA’s sports betting ban was lifted by the Supreme Court, rapid expansion occurred within the industry – and it continues to do so with incredible pace. With individual states producing more legislation relating to sports betting, it is vital that professionals gain an understanding of the different state regulations and markets.

The All American Sports Betting Summit is designed to help betting-sector leaders learn about and implement proper regulations, while also exploring technological advancements in the industry. The goal is to make sports betting available to all Americans – with a focus on responsible gambling. At the event, you’ll be able to network with international stakeholders, lawyers, and legislators, at both state and city levels.

The event will also look at how businesses can improve their marketing efforts for US-based sports betting markets while operating within the challenging new legal frameworks. As legislation surrounding sports betting – particularly in the online world – continues to change in the US, it’s vital that businesses involved in the industry are up to date with legal frameworks, which makes this a must-attend event.

As an attendee, you’ll hear from major influencers like Adam Kaplan, the COO of SportsGold, Dean Sisun, the CEO of Prophet Exchange, and Ivana Flynn, the head of SEO at ComeOn Group. According to the event’s website, there are already more than 40 speakers who will be there.

EGR US Power Summit: Invite-Only

The EGR US Power Summit is, as it almost always is, an invite-only event. Unfortunately, tickets are only given to senior executives who work in the North American iGaming market. What this means is that a lot of people reading this page won’t be eligible to get tickets.

However, in our opinion, it’s still well-worth mentioning because it’s one of the iGaming industry’s most notable events. It’s also the place where you’ll find the real industry leaders – so if you can get a ticket, it’s an incredibly powerful place to connect and network.

Topics vary every year, but usually, you’ll hear about the latest research and the best ways to overcome new challenges facing the iGaming market.

Guests invited to attend the Summit will have the chance to have lots of one-to-one meetings, as well as engage in social events, designed to bring attendees together. Although the agenda for the 2023 event is yet to be released, the dates have been confirmed. It will take place on September 14, somewhere in California – the exact location is also yet to be revealed.

Attending the EGR US Power Summit is an excellent way to gain valuable industry insights, and it’s also a great way of staying up to date with the latest iGaming industry changes. It’s a huge benefit to be able to connect with senior executives, and the EGR US Power Summit is an event almost everyone in the iGaming industry would be honored to attend.

Alongside being able to network and chat with those on a similar level to you, you’ll also be able to gain valuable, non-public insights into the iGaming industry’s future. In terms of USA gambling events, we’d argue this one offers the most value.

Global Gaming Expo: Las Vegas 2023

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Las Vegas 2023 is, for many in the industry, seen as the gold standard when it comes to iGaming summits. This four-day event has been confirmed to be held between October 9-12, and it’ll be at The Venetian Expo.

It’s an amazing place to meet like-minded individuals and learn about new innovations in the US iGaming market. As always, reps from the best land-based US casinos will be there, who can turn into amazing connections!

G2E 2023 promises to be a game-changer for professionals across a wide spectrum of business categories. From casino operations and esports, to finance and marketing, attendees will find invaluable networking opportunities with their peers and potential business partners.

Featuring an impressive lineup of exhibitors, the Global Gaming Expo, held between October 10-12, will showcase the latest advancements in gaming technology and services. Everyone, from game developers to online casino bosses, will be showing off their latest creations, such as new games and sports betting platforms, as well as payment processing systems for the online gambling world.

Maximize Networking at Summits

To make the most of your time at gambling summits and maximize networking opportunities, it’s vital to understand how to connect and network successfully. Here’s some tips to get you started:

  1. Research who’s going: Before the event, look up the list of speakers – and, where possible, attendees – and make a note of the people you’d like to connect with. Do your research beforehand to learn more about their background and what they’re currently working on, so you can engage with them more effectively.
  2. Book meetings in advance: If you can find out who’s attending an event, it’s great to reach out to people before the summit. This way, you can try to schedule meetings – or, at the very least, put a feeler out there.
  3. Be social: When you’re attending gambling summits, you’ll be invited to join social events a lot of the time. While this isn’t for everyone, it’s great to attend receptions, dinners, and other social gatherings, as it’s a fantastic way of networking and developing new business relationships.
  4. Check out exhibitor booths: At any event, spend time on the exhibition floor and engage with exhibitors. This is a great opportunity to learn about new products and services while making connections with industry professionals.
  5. Use event apps: Today, many summits release apps specifically designed for that event. These apps can be invaluable in helping you keep track of what’s going on and where, and some apps even let you reach out to potential contacts in advance!

On a final note, don’t forget to follow up after the event. We’d recommend sending a short message to any connections you made during the USA gambling summit you’ve attended, thanking them for their time and, where applicable, asking for a follow-up meeting or call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gambling summits in the USA look pretty exciting in 2023! While some of the events are invite-only, in general, you should try to attend any event you can, as it’s a great way of meeting new connections! To finish off this post, we’re going to answer a few questions below.

What can I expect at the USA gambling summits in 2023?

This depends almost entirely on which gambling summit you choose to attend. As a general rule of thumb, you will enjoy informative sessions, expert speakers, and networking opportunities. For example, the Gambling & Risk Taking Conference explores gambling psychology and regulatory changes within the industry.

How can I make the most of the networking opportunities at these events?

To maximize your networking opportunities, try to do some research into the attendees before the event. Where possible, set up meetings in advance. You should also participate in any social events, visit exhibitor booths, and use event apps. At the EGR US Power Summit, for example, you can meet some of the biggest players in the US gambling market just by spending some time on the main exhibition floor!

Are there any events focused specifically on sports betting?

Yes, the All American Sports Betting Summit specializes in the US sports betting market. It’s dedicated entirely to US sportsbooks – so there’s no iGaming/casino content. This allows you to enjoy targeted knowledge and you’ll learn about everything from regulation and marketing strategies to technological innovations and potential new legal challenges.

What’s the best event for learning about the latest iGaming trends?

The Global Gaming Expo is an excellent summit for those who want to learn more about new iGaming trends, products, and services. In fact, the event is mainly designed to show-off what’s expected in the coming months, technology-wise. There’s also an exhibition floor, educational sessions, and, of course, plenty of amazing networking opportunities!

How do I choose which gambling summit to attend?

Firstly, you should consider your personal and business interests. For example, if you’re interested in the sports betting sector only, there’s little point attending an iGaming-only conference. You should also check your calendar to make sure you’re actually free before spending time looking into the event’s specifics.

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