History Channel’s Golden Show – Is Pawn Stars Still On?

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If you are a fan of reality TV shows, then you have certainly heard of Pawn Stars. In no time, it became one of the most popular shows on TV; only one position behind Jersey Shore, which is a well-known reality show that ran on MTV a few years ago. Every episode of Pawn Stars is unique and interesting, which is one of the main reasons why so many people are drawn to it. Nonetheless, the question of ‘Is Pawn Stars still on TV?’ has been brought up quite often.

Is Pawn Stars Still on History Channel?

It’s far from surprising that it was the most popular show on History channel for the last couple of years. Unfortunately, there was a pause in the creation of new episodes because one of the cast members passed away.

This sad event has resulted in a long delay in the production of new episodes. Yet, they were released. Nevertheless, many people expected that the new episodes of season 20 would air in early 2022. Sadly, this did not happen. In the next sections, we’ll answer the question ‘Is Pawn Stars still on the air? ‘and we’ll deliver additional data regarding the show.

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  •  Why Is Pawn Stars So Popular?
  •  Pawn Stars Episodes
  •  Is Pawn Stars Still on TV?
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  •  Problems Related to the Pawn Stars Staff
Richard Benjamin Harrison’ The Old Man ‘The founder of the pawn shop that first opened its doors back in 1989.
Richard Kevin Harrison’ Rick ‘Co-founder of the shop. Rick is a son of Richard who is, most of the time, called The Old Man.
Corey Harrison’ Big Hoss ‘Corey or Big Hoss as most people call him is a son of Rick and a grandson of The Old Man.
Austin Russell ‘Chumlee‘Austin has been part of the team for a few years, and he does all the work related to items testing.
Pawn Stars – The Back Story to the Show

The Pawn Stars reality show aired on July 19, 2009. Ever since the first episode, it has become clear that the series will become immensely successful. In 2011, that was a fact. Pawn Stars had become History’s show with the highest rating. One of the episodes was watched by more than seven million viewers, which is impressive.

The show follows the everyday life of a family that runs a pawn shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is near some of the most prominent casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. The location of the shop is quite suitable, considering how many gambling enthusiasts there are in Sin City who often find themselves in situations where they need a small cash injection rather quickly. That’s why there is never a dull day and there is never a shortage of work for the owners at the world-famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

The owners of the shop are the Harrison men – a father, a son, and a grandfather. This series is definitely not suited for individuals under sixteen due to the large amount of swearing that can be found in most episodes.

The Secret to Pawn Stars’ Popularity

Many may wonder why a show like this has gained so many fans all over the world over the years. One of the reasons for this is the fact that each episode focuses on a different story, or to be more precise, on a different item. Viewers are presented with peculiar souvenirs and other rare items, and they are also given information about their average prices.

In addition, people enjoy the fact that most scenes from the show are real and not staged. Nonetheless, a while ago, it was announced that some parts of the show are staged. This is not really surprising at all, considering that there are staged scenes in almost every reality TV show.

Pawn Stars Episodes
Pawn Stars episodes

To date, there have been 640 episodes spanning 20 seasons on the History Channel. These figures are clearly striking considering that most reality shows have no more than eight seasons. Even Jersey Shore has six seasons and 71 episodes. The very first season was released in 2009, and just one year later, another one followed.

Most of the years, fans of the series were presented with not one but two Pawn Stars seasons. As you can tell, the show has been at its peak ever since its release. New episodes of season 20, however, are still awaited by the public. Sadly, there isn’t any clear data revealing the exact date when they will air.

Is Pawn Stars Still Being Aired on TV

This is definitely one of the most common questions you will run into if you look for information regarding the show. Considering the information presented in the previous paragraph, that’s not quite shocking. At the beginning of our article, we mentioned that one of the cast members passed out a few years ago, which certainly had an impact on the production of more episodes. However, new seasons launched with a slight delay.

The launch date of the new episodes of season 20, on the other hand, still remains a mystery. Those who enjoy watching the show, however, hope that they will air before the end of 2022. It hasn’t been confirmed that the TV show is canceled, which means that Pawn Stars is practically still on. The only thing left to do for viewers is to wait for an announcement about the time they will be presented with new episodes.

The Different Pawn Stars Spin-Offs

As some of you may know, the producer o Pawn Stars is Leftfield Pictures. Looking at how incredibly successful Pawn Stars has become, the company has decided to create not one but several spin-offs of the main show. Just one year after the release of the very first Pawn Star episode, Leftfield Pictures announced that American Restoration was in progress.

  • Cajun Pawn Stars
  • Pawn Stars UK
  • Pawnography
  • Pawn Stars SA
  • Pawn Stars Australia
  • American Restoration
  • Counting Cars

All of these are also spin-offs of the show that were welcomed quite warmly by the public. Although some of them were not as successful as Pawn Stars, they still got the necessary attention. What’s more, Leftfield Pictures creates five separate shows that resemble Pawn Stars. Oddities aired on Discovery Channel. The reality show follows the everyday work activities of an antique trader at his shop for rare items. Oddities: San Francisco, What the Sell?, Bald Boys, and United Stuff of America are the remaining four shows that were released over the years.

Scandals at The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Those of you who are not that familiar with the show and the staff of the pawn shop are probably unaware of the fact that one of the main shop staff members had got into serious trouble just two years after the launch of the first episode of the show. Corey, also known as the Big Hoss, was arrested in California back in 2011.

According to the available information, a man was arrested for battery. If someone is charged with battery, it means that they have caused harm to someone with uninvited physical touch. In addition to this, a few years ago, Austin Russell, who was the behind-the-desk type of worker at the pawn shop, was arrested on felony weapon charges. Additionally, in 2016, he was charged with drug possession.


We hope we have provided you with an answer to the question ‘Is Pawn Stars still on TV?’. However, we thought it would be great to deliver a few more interesting details regarding the show. We are positive that every fan of the Harrison family will be quite fascinated with the information given in the next couple of paragraphs.

Will there be more episodes from the 20th season of Pawn Stars?

In one of our previous sections we have talked more about the released seasons of Pawn Stars. Unfortunately, information regarding the launch dates of the next episodes of season 20 is still missing. The good news is that there isn’t any official announcement about the show being canceled.

Did the shop owners have any legal issues over the years?

Many may not know that one of the main staff members of the pawn shop, namely Corey, was arrested for battery a few years ago. Additionally, another worker at the shop has been charged with drug possession and weapon felony.

Is Pawn Stars still popular today?

Despite the fact that the first episode of Pawn Stars appeared in 2009, at present, the show is still incredibly popular. It’s true that people are still waiting for new episodes to be released, however, the ones that have already aired are considered true masterpieces.

Where can I watch Pawn Stars Today?

If you wish to watch Pawn Stars now, you can do that by creating your account on certain platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or PeacockTV. All three of these provide subscribers with the opportunity to watch the oldest and the newest episodes of the show.

Is there a possibility for Pawn Stars to be official canceled?

In our article we shared that the Pawn Stars TV show has not been cancelled yet. There isn’t any official statement given by the production company. Nevertheless, we cannot be completely certain that new episodes will continue to air.

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