How do Playing Structures Affect Roulette Mines Game?

How do Playing Structures Affect Roulette Mines Game?

There are a number of different Roulette game variants that you will come across online and many of them will have their own unique playing structures. Today we are going to take a look at some of these different games, and enlighten you on all you need to know about the way they are structured.

Be aware however, that one aspect of many of the standard Roulette games that will not vary irrespective of which variants you play, are the actual payouts you are awarded with when you have placed a wager on one of the available betting opportunities, and your chosen bets are winning ones!

What may however change is the actual house edge that is attached to each variant. Once you have finished reading this article, may we suggest you take a look at a couple of our other Roulette based articles which we think may be of interest to you! The first is a guide on What Percentage of the Wheel do Roulette Bets Cover which is self explanatory in regards to what it is based around!

Another Roulette article that is sure to be of interest to a lot of players is our guide to French Roulette Game Betting Locations in English. Being the lowest house edge standard Roulette game with a house edge of just 1.35% then the French Roulette game is the one every player should be looking to play!

You are Against the Clock Playing Multi Player Roulette!

Many online casinos now give their customers the ability to play multi player Roulette games. Microgaming for example has a range of Premier Roulette games on which you will be player alongside other players and can have a much more community based experience.

However, the thing to keep in mind when  playing a multiplayer Roulette game at any online casino site is that you are going to be up against the clock, and will only have a limited amount of time to place your wagers onto the Roulette tables betting layout before the ball is sent spinning around the wheel!

So if you are looking for a more relaxed type of Roulette playing experience and one where you can place your bets at your own pace then perhaps these multiplayer games are not going to be the ones for you!

Play in Your Own Time on Standard Software Driven Games

The software drive Roulette games are of course the original games found in all online casinos. The games outcome is decided via a random number generator and a set of computer graphics will then display the ball and wheel.

These types of Roulette games are quite popular with players for they are of course able to place their bets in their own time and choose the exact moment when the ball is going to be sent in play.

The only downside of playing these types of games is that you are going to be playing them on your own, and if you like some company when playing Roulette games online then do consider giving the much more technically advanced Live Roulette games mentioned below a try, for we just know you are not going to have an online Roulette playing experience like the one you will do when playing Live Roulette games!

Live Roulette Offering the Most Realistic Roulette Game playing Experience

When you first come across a Live Roulette game in operation at your favourite casinos we can guarantee that you will have wished you discovered it much sooner! The live Roulette playing structures are as real to playing Roulette in a land based casino as you can get and that is the reasons thousands of players play these games throughout the day and night!

The Live Roulette games are played in land based casinos; however, the main difference is that all of the players are sat at home or playing in their office. This is thanks to live video broadcasts being fed directly from these land based venues is fed via the internet directly to player’s computer screens.

Play roulette online here!

You can place any bet you like onto these live Roulette games in much the same way as you play standard online Roulette games, by simply clicking your mouse on the betting layout where you want your chips to be placed.

One word of warning when playing any Live Roulette game, you are going to be playing against the clock for the Croupier is in control of when he or she will launch the ball into live play and will, just like in a land based casinos states “No More Bets” when the ball is about to be sent into motion.

You are only able to place your wagers onto the betting layout up until the point in time when no more bets is declared. However, you will find that there is usually a Re-Bet button which will allow you to repeat your last set of wagers onto the layout should you wish to place then again on the next spin!


When it comes to players having an enjoyable Roulette playing session online, then it will be games that they can play at their own pace that will often be the ones they make a beeline towards and play time and time again!

The software driven casino Roulette games are always a popular choice for when playing the single player versions you are always going to be able to take your time placing your bets and can spin the wheel when you want to spin it!

However, for the ultimate Roulette playing experience do consider giving the Live Roulette games some play time for thanks to the way they work and utilize the live video stream you are not going to get a more realistic Roulette playing experience playing any other variant!

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