How often are Poker Mines Games Casino Progressive Jackpots Won?

How often are Poker Mines Games Casino Progressive Jackpots Won?

You will no doubt have noticed that there are quite a number of casino card and table games on offer to you at various different online casino sites, and quite a number of those games have a progressive jackpot on offer.

The one difference between games such as slot games and video poker games and those casino poker card games is that due to the number of possible hand combinations possible you should get a good feel for when the progressive jackpots are due to be hit.

Whilst card and table games are of course completely random in their design at all online casino sites, we have put together the following guide that will give you an insight into when the progressive jackpots have been won recently on a range of casino poker card games, to give you some ideas of when you should consider playing them, when the current progressive jackpot reaches a certain value!

Poker Ride Jackpot

The Poker Ride game has certainly be around for many years now and thanks to that fact we have been able to study every single one of its progressive jackpots awarded to players and have worked out some interesting facts and figures that we would like to pass onto you.

The average amount awarded via the progressive jackpot on the Poker Ride game is a huge £180,729 and on average that jackpot is won every 39 days. Therefore as a player you should only consider playing this progressive poker card game when the jackpot has grown in value over and above its average hit rate amount as by doing so you will be playing a game on which the jackpot is overdue!

Be aware that this game is available as a multi-currency game and as such the value of the jackpot you will see displayed on the jackpot meter will be in the currency that you have set your online casino site account too!

However, the value of the jackpot is the same for all players irrespective of the currency you are playing it for so if you are playing it in Euros then you should still wait until the jackpot is over €180,729 in value before you get stuck into playing it online, so make sure that is something you do!

Cyberstud Poker Jackpot

One casino poker game that does get plenty of attention from players it the Cyberstud Poker game, whilst there are two different versions available at Microgaming sites it is the one that offers the progressive jackpot that you should be playing if you want the chance of winning big!

The average progressive jackpot won on that variant is a whopping £157,344, however you do need to be aware it is a hard to win jackpot than on average is won every 68 days!

However, being a completely random game of chance that jackpot can be won at any time, but do make sure you always check the value of its progressive jackpot for when it grows in value over the average payout amount then it is overdue and will probably be won soon!

As this game much like the one named above is a multi-currency game you will be able to play it in one of several different currencies but the jackpot is the same for ever player the only thing to remember is that it will be the currency you have chosen to set your casino account at as to the currency you will then be playing it for and the currency in which the jackpot will be awarded to you too!


Make sure you study the pay table of any progressive casino poker card game you choose to play for it will be the pay table that will enlighten you as to how the jackpot can and will be awarded to you, and it will also list the exact winning payouts for the various different hand combinations that you could be dealt out.

One important addition aspect of playing any casino poker card game on which there is a progressive jackpot on offer to always keep in mind is that you are often required to place a side bet wager to have any chance of winning the jackpot when the highest valued hand combination is dealt out to you.

Whilst many casino games can be accessed and played online for free and at no risk if you simply wish to test them out, when you play at a Microgaming software powered online casino site the progressive games cannot be played for free and as such you will need to play them for real money.

However, by doing so you will then have a chance of winning the progressive jackpots if you have placed any required side bet wager!

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