How to Write an Online Mines Games Easy Win Casino Review

How to Write an Online Mines Games Easy Win Casino Review

Writing an online casino review is a cumbersome task. It’s not as straightforward as most people tend to think because it requires several time-consuming aspects. For starters, you’ll have to spend several days actually using the casino you’re reviewing. You can’t expect to write a useful review without knowing the intricate details about the platform that only real users are able to notice.

Next up, you’ll have to come up with a clear-cut structure for your review. Now, this is the tricky part – it has to be detailed and deep enough to provide tangible value… but it must not be too broad and packed with irrelevant information.

Key Factors to Include in Your Online Casino Reviews

If you’re looking for guidelines on what to include in your online casino review, you should explore the following topics:

Key Info

For starters, you’ll need to get yourself a list of key information your online casino reviews will possess. These are typically located at the very top of your review so that your readers have easy access to the essentials. Of course, you will elaborate more on this throughout the review.

We’re referring to the following information:

  • Date of establishment
  • Gambling license provider
  • Current welcome bonus
  • Gaming software
  • Pros and cons
Gambling License

All online casinos paying real money need to have valid gambling licenses. These are issued by international gambling regulators (such as the UKGC and MGA) and serve as protection for both players and casino platforms.

In essence, gambling licenses regulate gambling operations done on the platform, prevent illegal activities, and ensure fair play on both ends. They’re also there to protect the players, their bankrolls, as well as their banking and personal information.

Why are gambling licenses important?

Well, for the above-mentioned reasons, really. If a player opts for an unlicensed casino, fair play won’t be guaranteed, their personal information might be at risk, and there will be no grounds for legal measures in case something goes south.

In your online casino review, you need to emphasize the importance of gambling on fully licensed online casinos. Unlicensed platforms might have more lucrative bonuses and/or better odds, but that’s only because they have no expenses in regards to licensing fees and taxes.

However, should you win a bigger pot, there’s absolutely no guarantee you will get paid. That’s the crucial thing here – that’s the message you need to convey to the reader in this section of your online casino review.

Registration Procedure

This section is best handled with a short step-by-step guide covering the entire registration procedure. It’s the most helpful thing you can do to help beginners understand what they need to do to get things going.

Don’t overcomplicate things here. A straightforward step-by-step registration bullet list should be concise and supported by several screenshots showing what needs to be done. Feel free to check out our gambling reviews section to see how we tackle this stuff.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are oftentimes just enough to seal the deal for most people. There ought to be a direct correlation between the lucrativeness of ongoing bonuses and improved registration stats, otherwise, I doubt the bookies would keep offering dashing welcome bonuses.

This section is also ideal to introduce people to the types of bonuses and their typical requirements. You don’t have to be overly specific or focus on a single bonus as these tend to change month in and month out. Instead, familiarize the readers with what’s usually available on the market and emphasize the importance of reading the fine print.

Customer Support

Next up – customer support. At the beginning of this section, it’s important to emphasize why customer support matters.

Most importantly, you need to address both the available customer support channels (telephone, live chat, email, FAQ section) as well as its efficiency. The best way to approach this is to submit a few customer support tickets through all available channels and record the TTS (time to solve) for each of them.

Game Selection

The game selection deserves a spot near the top of the review. It’s the first thing most gamblers look into when exploring online casinos. If they can’t find their favorite games or the ones they’re thinking of playing sometime in the future, they’ll simply look elsewhere.

In this section of your online casino reviews, you need to showcase the different types of available games (slots, video poker, live tables, etc.) as well as the most notable igaming providers. You don’t have to list hundreds (if not thousands) of slot games here. Just mention the providers and a few most notable games and you’re good as gold!

Tips on Writing an Online Casino Review

If you’re asking yourself “how can I review an online casino”, here are four tips that ought to be useful:

Work on the Structure

Arguably, the structure is the most important part of your review. It’s probably going to take you a while to sort everything out. But, it’s crucial that you don’t do a half-baked job with this.

Creating the structure will take a lot of time and effort, no doubt about that. The best course of action is to start working on the structure even before you start exploring the casinos you’ll be reviewing… assuming you already know a thing or two about how they work, that is.

Your structure should include the above-mentioned key factors. Yep, all of them. You should try to add more depth to your reviews by covering intricate details about stuff like security measures, encryption, banking methods, and more.

One last thing – if you’re set to write multiple reviews, make sure that you keep the same exact structure for all of them. This way, the users will always know what to expect from them and continue coming back should they need additional information in the future.

Include Rating System

Don’t underestimate the power of ratings! A rating system can be incorporated into online casino reviews in several forms. You can have the rating next to each heading and then point out the overall rating at the end of the review. Another method is to have a quick glimpse at the key characteristics you’ll be discussing throughout the review and rank them all at the top of the page.

Don’t leave pros and cons out of the equation. It’s one of the essential parts all readers thoroughly examine, so make sure it’s near the top of the page. These can help you get the reader’s attention and rank better on Google, both of which are a huge plus!

FAQ Section Is a Must Have

The section on frequently asked questions is a must-have for every serious online gambling website. It’s a great way to reiterate what’s already been said and help users find answers to key questions all in one place.

Don’t Go Overboard With the FAQS

Keep them concise, keep them tied to the topic, and consider placing them into a toggle box. This way, only the questions will be visible right away, so the answers won’t take up too much space. If the user wants to see the answer, a simple click will open up the toggle box.

Don’t Forget Media Files

Media files are important for several reasons. Not only do they keep the users focused on the subject, help them understand intricate details, and allow them to follow the steps easier, but they also help your review rank better on Google.

Keep in mind that, should you use copyrighted images, you’ll need to ensure that you’re allowed to use them and give credit where needed.

Wrapping Things Up

As mentioned in the intro, don’t underestimate the process of writing online casino reviews. It might seem straightforward because there are tons of materials online, but if you want your review to truly stand out from the competition, you’ll have to step off the easy road and roll up your sleeves.

The first step of the process is to actually use the online casino you’re reviewing. Check out what the interface looks like from the real user perspective. Put yourself in the user’s position – what are your needs? What’s great about the platform? What could’ve been done better? What makes it stand out_ What makes it worth your time and money?

Once you find all these answers, you’ll need to incorporate them into a structure alongside other key elements. Make sure you don’t go too off-topic, though. Concentrate on the online casino and nothing else.

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