Random Number Generator (RNG) FAQ in Mines Games Pattern

Random Number Generator (RNG) FAQ in Mines Games Pattern

RNG controls the results on electronic gaming machines and Slots both online and off. The validity and accuracy of this software has been a source of debate among gamblers.

LCB has created a list of common questions that you may have regarding the randomness and fairness of the RNG.

1. What is RNG?

The Random Number Generator is a program used to ensure random results based on algorithms.

2. Is RNG software used by land based casinos as well as online casinos?


3. Can the RNG be manipulated by a casino?

No, the casino doesn’t have the capability to control the RNG, however, a request to adjust the RTP ( return to player ) is possible without affecting RNG.

4. Is it possible for a player to figure out a pattern?

The RNG begins with a seed number and uses a complicated formula to generate the next and the next. Unless the player knows the original seed number and the algorithm, which is unlikely, is it not possible to crack the pattern.

5. Are there simple numbers used by RNG programs?

No. The numbers are quite lengthy with over 200,000 digits.

6. What sort of games use RNG?

Slots and all other electronic gaming including online variations.

7. How can players ensure that the RNG is fair?

The only way to ensure fairness is with the use of a third party auditor. Look for the auditor’s logo, on the casino’s homepage.

8.Which third party auditors are reputable?

Look for certifications from eCOGRA or GLI/TST.

9. How often should RNG be tested?

RNG testing is an ongoing process occurring regularly. Reviews and certifications are dated and should be available for public viewing monthly on the casino’s website.

10. Is there a noticeable pattern with games using RNG?

RNG creates a unique result that does not consider the prior outcomes. With that in mind, players cannot nail down a pattern with consistency.

11.Can I expect a big payout because the game hasn’t paid out in a while?

No. Continuing to play because you think a game is “due” to hit is a surefire way to lose.

12. When is the RNG result determined?

On a Slot game, for example, the result is determined the moment you press the spin button.

13. Do bonus features operate on a separate RNG?


14. Can I control the outcome of a Slot spin by stopping the reels?

No. This is a common misconception but the result of your spin is determined the instant you press the spin button.

15. Do I have any control over picking bonuses?

Based on RNG, no. A player should not agonize over which box to pick during a bonus feature because the result will be the same no matter what. Remember that RNG determines the outcome as soon as you initiate the spin.

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