The Best Gift Ideas for Gamblers

If there’s a gambler in your life that’s crazy about everything gambling, a gambling-related gift can be a great buy for Christmas and birthdays. However, choosing the right gift for a gambler is tough – and that’s why we’ve put this page together. We’ll be showing you the best gift ideas for gamblers – and some of the ideas we have may be ones you hadn’t even considered!

Best Gift Ideas for Gamblers

Buying gifts for gamblers can be tough; you want the gift to be meaningful, while also making sure it’s affordable and that it’ll actually be used! Thankfully, with a bit of inspiration, you’ll find that there are plenty of different gifts you can buy a gambler – and that’s exactly what we’ll be looking at here on this page. Below, we’re going to show you the top gift ideas for gamblers.

Gambling-Themed Gifts: DVDs and Movies

While online streaming services – think Netflix and Amazon Prime – have, largely, negated the need to purchase physical DVDs, buying a non-digital copy of a well-known gambling movie is a great idea for loved ones who just love gambling. Gambling-related movies are readily available, and you can easily pick them up at online stores such as Best Buy or Amazon.

Naturally, there are hundreds of different gambling-inspired movies – but there are a few that stand out more than others. For example, Rounders – featuring Matt Damon – is one of the most popular choices, as it’s fast-paced, action-packed – and exciting to watch!

Other movie ideas include The Gambler, The Color of Money, and 21; Eight Men Out is also a suitable consideration. If you feel a physical DVD may be wasted on your friend or loved one, you may also consider purchasing them an online gift voucher to a streaming service where they can play the title you’d like them to watch.

Slot Machines

Another perfect gift for a gambler is a slot machine! While this will appeal to those looking for a higher-priced gift to buy a loved one, if you can afford to do so, it’s a fantastic gift – and it can also be a solid investment, too, if you purchase the right slot machine.

Another consideration that you need to consider is the fact that slot machines can be big and bulky; as a result, we strongly recommend you make sure the person you’re buying the gift for actually has room to store itin their home. Playing legal online slots might be fun, but having a slot machine at home is on another level.

There are two main options for those wanting to buy a physical slot machine; firstly, you can buy a broken machine – or simply an old one – and either keep it in its current state or pay to have it restored. However, restoring a slot machine can be very costly, so keep this in mind.

Your second option is to purchase a brand-new slot machine; these, naturally, will be a lot more expensive, and they’re also less collectible than older machines; however, the quality of the machine will be better, and the casino games and video slots on the terminal will also be more modern.

Personalized Playing Cards

You can find companies that will create a customized deck of cards with your gambler’s name or favorite gambling-related design on them. If you’re looking for good gifts for gamblers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than personalized playing cards; the person you’re gifting can use them for months – maybe even years – and you can make them look exactly how you want.

If you don’t like the idea of gifting playing cards, a slightly more expensive option is to give a personalized dice set. Consider getting a set of dice with a unique design, such as dice made from a special material or with a unique color scheme.

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can even purchase both; this is ideal for gamblers who like to play casino games involving dice and cards. And, let’s be honest; who wouldn’t like to have their own set of personalized cards and dice laying around the home?

Mini Roulette Wheel

In the gambling world there are some players who just love the thrill of playing Roulette. This hugely popular casino table game is found at almost every land-based casino in the world, and it’s readily available at online casinos, too. If you know a Roulette fanatic, consider buying them a mini Roulette wheel for their home. This is a lovely gift idea, and, provided it’s small enough, it allows them to keep it in a small place in the home – without it taking up much room.

Mini Roulette wheels – generally – are pretty affordable, and this means you don’t need to fork out large amounts of cash for them. However, if you buy higher-end Roulette wheels – wooden ones, for example – the price can increase considerably, so do keep this in mind.

Lucky Charm

From the beginning of time, good luck charms have been used by people from all around the world – and it’s not just gamblers who rely on them. For example, back in the day, seafarers used good luck charms to help them through treacherous seas – and while they’re a bit of a novelty item in today’s science-focused world, they’re still one of the best gambling themed gifts money can buy.

Why? Because a good luck charm can take pretty much any form; you simply need to think about an item that will resonate with the person you’re buying it for. It could be something as simple as a keychain – or as extravagant as a personalized mobile phone case. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Casino Chips
Casino Chips.

A high-quality set of casino chips is another of our favorite gift ideas for gamblers; if your friend or loved one enjoys playing poker, or other casino table games, even at some of their favorite online casinos in the US then considering casino chips is a great option. If you purchase quality chips, they will last for decades – and they’re perfect for game nights, and even display cabinets.

You can find casino chips for all budgets; sets start from as little as $15, with ultra-high-quality chips going for tens of thousands of dollars. When purchasing casino chips for a loved one, try to think about what they’d really want; for example, would they want personalized chips? Chips featuring imagery of their favorite gamblers? There are endless possibilities here, and they make for great gifts!

Card Game Subscription

Believe it or not, there are actually some companies out there that offer monthly subscriptions for card game fanatics; each month, the person you’ve given the gift to will receive a special new card game. However, not all these gifts are gambling-specific, so always be careful to make sure the set you’re thinking of buying is gambling-themed.

Gambling Board Game
An illustration of different board games.

There are many board games that are based on gambling, such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. These can be a fun gift for a gambler who also enjoys board games. While we already talked about a Mini Roulette wheel, board games are, generally, broader; for example, you can find Monopoly-like board games themed around gambling, and these make excellent gifts for gamblers, especially if your friend or loved one is already a fan of playing board games!

Like most of the gift ideas for gamblers we’ve shown you here on this page, board games are easily purchased; you’ll find them at all major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, and they are – usually – very affordable, too. You shouldn’t need to spend more than $30 for a good quality board game.

Personalized Gift Ideas

You could also consider customizing a gift specifically for the gambler in your life. For example, you could have a gambling-themed piece of artwork made or get a custom set of poker chips with their name on them. There’s essentially an endless number of ideas here, and below, we’ll look at a few more unique gift ideas for gamblers.

A Casino TripGive the gift of an exciting gambling experience by treating your gambler to a trip to a nearby casino. You could give them a small amount of cash to begin playing with, alongside organizing the transport and accommodation for the night.
A Casino-Inspired Gift BasketFill a basket with small gambling-related items such as chips, dice, and card decks. You can also include snacks and drinks to make it a complete gambling night package.
A Card Shuffling MachineThis can be a useful tool for avid card players, especially for those who have trouble shuffling due to physical limitations.
A Prepaid Voucher or CardYou can also give a prepaid card or voucher, for use at online casinos. These cards are readily available online, and you purchase cards worth as little as $5 – making it a great option for those on all budgets!
Got More Questions?

On this page we’ve given you some ideas for the best gifts for gamblers. Whether it’s mini Roulette wheels, physical slot machines, or trips to the casino – there’s a near-endless number of opportunities available! However, if you have more questions, make sure to check out our FAQs below.

Can you buy gift cards?

Yes! Almost all online casinos in the US  let you purchase casino gift cards for friends and family, and this is an ideal way of gifting some money, without actually giving money. Simply head to any of the major online gambling websites in the US, and you’ll usually see “Gift Cards” linked in the footer section of their site.

What are some great gift ideas?

If you’re looking for some quick gift ideas for a gambler, consider a personalized deck of playing cards, a dice set, casino chips, a prearranged outing to a land-based casino, or a copy of a popular gambling-related movie. There are gifts for all budgets; for example, you’ll find a deck of the most expensive playing cards costing thousands of dollars, while a set of casino chips can cost as little as $10!

Is it legal to buy a slot machine?

Yes! If you’d like to buy a family member or friend a real slot machine you will be pleased to know that it’s completely legal to do so – provided you don’t plan on accepting any real money bets from punters! Slot machines can be found online, although it’s often best to head to a specialty store – many of which can be found in the streets of Las Vegas.

Is a lucky charm a good gift?

While lucky charms may be past their heyday, they’re still a popular choice of gift for many poker enthusiasts; for example, you’ll often see poker players using a lucky charm to protect their cards when at the table. Buying a lucky charm is also very cost-effective as you can spend as little – or as much – as you want!

Do people still watch gambling DVDs?

Yes! While gambling-related movies on a physical DVD aren’t as popular as they once were – largely due to the “taking over” of online streaming services like Netflix – a physical DVD copy of a gambling movie is still a great gift, especially for those older folks who still like to insert a physical disk when watching movies!

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