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If you are a fan of movies related to casinos, you have come to the right place. On this page, we will list the ten best blackjack movies of all time. We are positive that you have heard about most of these, however, we also hope that you will manage to find your next favorite counting cards movie. Some of the movies we are about to discuss are available on Netflix, which means that those of you who have accounts there will be able to play them immediately after reading our blog post.

What Are Blackjack Movies and Why Are They Popular

The movie industry is filled with all types of genres – romance, action, horror, comedy, and so on. Gamblers, however, are most fascinated with one particular type of movies, namely those where the main focus is on gambling. If you are someone who likes to play blackjack online, you will most likely enjoy reading this piece.

The reason being is that we will list the ten most popular blackjack movies every casino player should see at least once in their lifetime. We have picked classics that were released many years ago, as well as a few critically acclaimed movies that aired in the last couple of years. Please, keep in mind that not all movies listed here are solely related to blackjack. Some of them are only renowned for particular memorable scenes that include the activity of playing blackjack.

  •  Top-Rated Movies about Blackjack
  •  The Last Casino
  •  21
  •  Croupier
  •  Mississippi Grind
  • ♠️ Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians
  •  Rain Man
  •  The Cooler
  •  The Hot Shoe
  • ♠️ Casino Royale
  • ♦️ The Gambler
Top 10 Blackjack Movies

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next visit to blackjack casinos in PA, for example, you will most likely find it here. On this page, we will talk about ten spectacular movies about blackjack. Most of them are set in the US and feature some truly iconic scenes.

In the following table, we will enumerate all movies we will center on today, as well as the year of their release. As aforementioned, we have made sure to create a list that contains titles suitable for all ages. Therefore, here, you will run into movies that are relatively new, as well as several that are considered classics when it comes to casino movies about blackjack.

The Last Casino2004
Mississippi Grind2015
Holy Rollers2011
Rain Man1988
The Cooler2003
The Hot Shoe2004
Casino Royale2006
The Gambler2014
#1. The Last Casino (2004)

Director: Pierre Gill; IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

The Last Casino is a Canadian drama that was released back in 2004. It is considered one of the best movies about card counting. It tells the story of a Math professor who uses a special strategy when playing blackjack at casinos. However, once professor Barnes is banned from the casino, he figures out an effective scheme that will earn him money without him setting foot at a gambling house.

He forms a small team of students who go to the university where he teaches. In no time, he makes them true experts in playing blackjack. We do not want to spoil anything else because we might ruin your fun of watching the movie for the first time. The counting cards movie has an IMDb rating of 7.
#2. 21 (2004)

Director: Robert Luketic; IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Released in 2008, the movie 21 received mainly positive reviews. At the moment, it is one of the most popular blackjack counting cards movies. The film is inspired by the events told in the book Bringing Down the House. The plot revolves around a group of blackjack players who use winning strategies to beat casinos. The blackjack movie Netflix users can see at any time is just as good as the book listed above. Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, and Laurance Fishburne are some of the leading actors.
#3. Croupier (1999)

Director: Mike Hodges; IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

Croupier is the movie that has greatly contributed to the popularization of Clive Owen as an artist. This title surely deserves a place in the list of top-rated blackjack films. Everything about it is simply spectacular – the plot, the characters, the setting, and the dialogues. The movie shows the story of a writer who desperately tries to make ends meet.

To succeed, he becomes a croupier at a casino – a job that is not quite appropriate for him as a person. Nevertheless, Jack Manfred becomes drawn to the world of money, hazard, passion, and fraud. His daily life becomes filled with constant adventures that are, most of the time, extremely dangerous. Just like The Last Casino, this movie, too, has an IMDb rating of 7.
#4. Mississippi Grind (2015)

Directors: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck; IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

Unlike most films from our Blackjack Movies list, Mississippi Grind is a comedy drama starring Ryan Reynolds, Sienna Miller, and Ben Mendelsohn. The story revolves around two gamblers that are not quite successful when it comes to their lives. They drink a lot of alcohol, they spend their money at casinos, and their love life is almost inexistent. Both of them, however, become very close friends and embark on a journey filled with laughter, excitement, numerous blackjack sessions, and a few quarrels here and there.
#5. Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians (2011)

Director: Bryan Storkel; IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians is a captivating blackjack movie that shows how innovative people may be when it comes to earning more money. Watchers will get familiar with two individuals who come from devout Christian families. They strive to figure out a way to win more money, and eventually, they come up with the idea of forming a special blackjack team of younger people. In a period of five years, Colin and Ben manage to increase their savings by more than $3 million.
#6. Rain Man (1988)

Director: Barry Levinson; IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

Rain Man is one of the oldest and the most spectacular movies about card counting on our list. The film follows the life of Raymond Babbitt who has autism. He is an individual with amazing talent. Raymond can conduct swift calculations and memorize both short and long sequences of numbers. His splendid ability is appreciated by his brother who uses Babbitt to beat casinos.
#7. The Cooler (2003)

Director: Wayne Kramer; IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

The Cooler is an American romance drama that was released in 2003. Its plot is quite intriguing, which is probably one of the reasons why so many gambling enthusiasts love the film. At the casino where most of the action takes place, there is a person known as The Cooler who is believed to bring bad luck. His role is to come to the table when a player earns a lot of money when playing blackjack, poker, or another casino game.

#8. The Hot Shoe (2004)

Director: David Layton

The Hot Shoe is a top-rated counting cards movie that is considered an absolute masterpiece. It is a documentary featuring interviews with former and current card counters, including members of the well-known MIT Blackjack Team. The film is a must-watch for everyone who wants to become better in the game of blackjack since it reveals some of the most successful strategies for winning.
#9. Casino Royale (2006)

Director: Martin Campbell; IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

Casino Royale is one of the numerous James Bond films. Although the Casino Royale blackjack theme is missing, the movie still has elements of gambling, which makes it an excellent pick for individuals interested in this field. The story brings us back to the beginning of Bond’s career as Agent 007 when he completes missions to earn his license to kill. Some of the most interesting scenes take place at the high-roller’s poker table in Casino Royale in Montenegro.
#10. The Gambler (2014)

Director: Rupert Wyatt; IMDb Rating: 6.0/10

If you like watching blackjack movies or poker movies, you will definitely love The Gambler. It is an American crime drama with Mike Wahlberg in the leading role. In the movie, he is a literature professor who spends every spare minute of his life gambling at casinos. At some point, he ends up owning more than $200,000 to several individuals, and he is in desperate need of finding a way to repay his debt.

Finally, we will provide factual answers to several questions regarding the best blackjack movies of all time. Each answer contains a jump link that will take you to the respective section in our blog post, where you’ll be able to obtain even more information. After all, we wish to grant you the best possible experience on our platform.

Which is the best blackjack counting cards movie?

Unquestionably, the best counting cards movie one can watch is The Hot Shoe. The documentary delivers relevant data about the best card counting strategies a potential bettor may use. Additionally, the film features interviews with some of the best blackjack players of all time.

Where can I see the movie 21?

If you are excited to watch the movie 21 for the first time, we are delighted to inform you that the blackjack film is currently available on Netflix. The gambling movie is an excellent choice for fans of the game. Not only is its plot super interesting, but the story is inspired by real-life events.

When was Rain Man released?

The blackjack movie Rain Man was released in 1988. It is considered one of the best blackjack movies ever made. It follows the story of a person with autism who has an amazing talent for counting and memorizing cards and number sequences, and his brother uses his talent to win at casinos.

What are the top 10 blackjack movies?

Our blackjack movies list contains the ten best blackjack and gambling films ever made. We have provided additional information about each one of them so that you can easily pick a title that is suitable for your interests.

Are movies about blackjack popular?

Even though not everyone likes to watch movies related to gambling, those who love playing casino games are surely fascinated with blackjack and poker movies. The good thing is that the variety is quite decent, and you’ll be able to find all types of genres, including drama, comedy, romance, and crime.

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