5 Mines Games Easy Win Texas Hold’em Variations and How to Play Them

5 Mines Games Easy Win Texas Hold’em Variations and How to Play Them

Texas Hold'em Variations

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker games out there. In the base game, every player gets dealt two cards known as hole cards. This period is known as the deal. The flop then deals three cards in the middle for all players to use. The turn and river each deal one more card into the middle. Typical poker hands are used and the best hand wins.

Like many other popular games though, Texas Hold’em has many variations. These variations are all slight tweaks to the original game. Here, we will break down some of the most popular variations and how to play them.

Some online casinos may have some and be missing others. That’s why it’s important that you choose the right site that offers the poker games you want to play.

Betting Limits

The first few Texas Hold’em variations we will go over are betting limits. With betting limits, the rules and amount of cards remain the same, but the amount you can bet is changed. In Limit Texas Hold’em, a limit is set at the beginning of the game and decides the increments of bets.

An example of this would be a $5/$10 limit game. During the deal and flop all players must bet in $5 increments. During the turn and river, the bets go up by $10 increments. This doesn’t mean that pots cannot get big, but they cannot go up by big amounts at a time.

Another form of a betting limit on Texas Hold’em is pot limit hold’em. In pot limit hold’em, you are not allowed to bet more than is currently in the pot. If there is $50 in the pot already, that means you cannot raise by more than $50.

The final version of a betting limit Texas Hold’em game would be no limit hold’em. In this game, you are only limited by the number of chips in front of you. There is no limit on the pot or the period that the game is in.


Another type of hold’em is Pineapple Hold’em. Pineapple Hold’em is played similarly to regular Texas Hold’em, but you get three cards in the hole instead of two. There are three different variations of Pineapple Hold’em and in each one how you play with the three cards in the hole changes.

The first variation of Pineapple Hold’em is the standard Pineapple. In this game, you get three cards in the hole but must discard one card of your choice before the first round of betting. This means you will need to take a chance for a bit of luck, hoping you don’t discard a card that would help you on the flop, turn, or river.

The second version would be Crazy Pineapple Hold’em. In this variation, you do not have to choose a card to discard until a little later in the betting. You choose which of the three hole cards you would like to discard after the flop but before the turn.

The final pineapple game is Lazy Pineapple Hold’em. In this game, you do not have to choose which card you want to discard until the last card is revealed. This changes the strategy tremendously as you get to throw out whatever card is the least useful at the end.


Omaha is not always considered a variation of Texas Hold’em, but it is close enough that we will include it in this list. With Omaha, you have a couple of major changes, including the fact that every player gets four cards in the hole rather than two. Players must also combine two cards from their hand with three from the board to make the best possible five-card hand.

Another variation of Omaha is hi/lo Omaha or Omaha 8. In this version of the game, everything is the same but the pot will be split between the highest hand and the best qualifying low hand. A low hand would have to use five cards and no card can be higher than 8. The best qualifying low hand would be A2345, while the worst would be 45678.

3 Card Hold’em

Another variation of Texas Hold’em would be 3 Card Hold’em. In this variation, you are looking to beat the dealer only. You and the dealer both start with two hole cards after placing an ante. A single community card is dealt face up, while two more are dealt face down. The two cards are flipped over one by one, each after a chance to raise, check or fold.

In this variation, the payouts depend on whether or not the dealer has a pair of fours or better. If the dealer does not have a hand with a pair of fours or better, the raised bets pay more but the antes are treated as a push. If the dealer has a pair of fours or better, the ante and raise both pay even money. With fewer cards to make a strong hand out of, this changes the strategy a lot.

Speed Hold’em

The final variation we will review for Texas Hold’em is Speed Hold’em. This version is played online, where you are constantly in on the action.

If you choose to fold, you move to a new table with a new pool of players. This allows for almost no waiting time and keeps players constantly engaged.

The other major change in this game is that you get four hole cards dealt, but immediately must discard two of the four. Then all five cards are dealt in the middle immediately rather than having a flop, turn and river all separately. This quickens the pace of the game tremendously, changing the game around a lot.

More Texas Hold’em Variations

We have a complete guide on the best places to play Texas Hold’em online and a guide to playing Texas Hold’em online here. With loads of different variations though, all offering new strategies and twists, there is a little something for everyone.

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