7 Lessons Learned From Losing at the Online Mines Games Easy Win Roulette Table

7 Lessons Learned From Losing at the Online Mines Games Easy Win Roulette Table


Experience means a lot in gambling! Oftentimes, it’s the difference-maker between losses and wins. But, gambling for years on end won’t mean much if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again. If you fail to see the valuable lessons in your mistakes, it’s best to quit gambling while you still can.

Self-reflection is an important aspect of becoming a profitable gambler, especially if you prioritize online roulette. Losses are natural – we can’t win every single round. But, if you’re like me and you like to analyze gameplay and try to figure out what went wrong, the following seven online roulette tips ought to come in handy.

There’s No Such Thing as a Biased Roulette Wheel

The only way you can be 100% confident in your ability to “beat” the game of roulette is if you can find a biased table. What’s that, some of you might wonder. Well, it’s basically a table (more precisely, a wheel) that doesn’t feature fully random results.

A biased wheel has a tendency of sticking to certain numbers, which allows players (who notice the bias) to react and secure a profit. However, finding a biased table is impossible. Quite literally, impossible. Roulette wheel production has been brought to perfection. Each and every single wheel will provide years and years of full-random service.

What about online casinos?

Are there any “cheats” in that department? Well, online roulette sites with live tables have the exact same factors at play as their brick-and-mortar counterparts. As for the digital game of roulette, the software ensures it’s completely random and there’s nothing you can do about it on the front end.

In short, no matter which of the top online roulette sites you choose… no matter which physical casino venue you opt for, you’ll never find a biased wheel. It’s nothing more than a myth, I’m afraid.

American Roulette Is Far From Ideal

Believe it or not, American roulette is often considered as the worst version of the game. Yep, the worst one! Why is that so? What makes American roulette that bad and, knowing this, should you even play it?

Well, there are several versions of roulette, three of which enjoy massive popularity: American, European, and French. The reason why American roulette is considered the worst lies in the additional 00 slot on the wheel.

Needless to say, this increases the house edge and makes it even harder for players to win. Plus, American roulette tables tend to have higher minimum bets than other versions, which ought to be a deal-breaker for some folks.

Should you play American roulette? Well, you can… but if you’ve decided you’re up for a game of roulette, it’s better to try out either the French or European variant.

French Roulette Offers Much Odds

First things first – how to distinguish American from French roulette tables? It’s simple – American tables have an additional 00 field right across the standard 0. It is also visible on the actual table itself, with the inner side not having just one 0 field but the second 00 field as well.

Obviously, this gives the players a slight advantage. But, because they’re easier to win, many casinos opt against featuring French Roulette tables. They typically feature only European and American variants, which are great for their profits.

Additionally, French roulette also has two additional rules which slightly skew the odds in the players’ favor. The rules are called La Partage and En Prison and we’ll talk about them in more detail right down below.

Learn the Importance of La Partage

Moving on with online roulette tips, let’s talk about the special rules of French roulette. Yep, the two special French roulette rules are La Partage and En Prison. They’re pretty similar – they’re in place when players make even money bets and the ball lands on the 0. In this case, La Partage gives half of the players’ bets back, while En Prison extends the bet onto the next spin. Both are important, but we’re here to talk about La Partage.

In essence, La Partage decreases the total house edge in French roulette by 1.3%. More precisely, it decreases it from 2.6% to 1.3%, which is pretty much in blackjack territory at this point.

But, as mentioned earlier, French roulette isn’t that popular on online casinos, and it’s all because of the decreased house edge. If you can find French roulette, you might as well go for it! If you can, then I guess good old European roulette will have to suffice.

Never Play Too Fast

Playing too fast is the quickest lane to bankruptcy. I am not trying to scare you here, I am just being realistic. If you play too fast, it probably means you’re not experimenting with any sort of online roulette strategy.

Also, if you’re playing fast, you probably don’t care too much about the money you’ve wagered either. This can mean one of two things – A) you’re stupidly rich; B) you’re allowing emotions to get the better of you.

Long story short, remember that you’re investing your (probably) hard-earned money here. Even though the individual stakes might not seem like much, the amounts do add up over time. There’s a reason why pro gamblers take their time with each and every single one of their bets.

If you think gambling got the better of you and you’re just wasting money out of pure spite, you need to take a good hard look at yourself. Know when to stop!

Know When to Stop

Yep – knowing when to stop is an essential virtue of every good gambler. If you continue gambling even after you’ve splurged through your entire betting bankroll, I’m afraid you might have a problem. A really big problem, one that goes beyond roulette.

Not knowing when to stop is a quick route to chasing losses… and that can lead you down the rabbit hole and cause all sorts of financial issues. If you’re struggling with controlling your gambling habits, it’s best to contact mental health professionals.

Gambling addiction is not to be taken for granted as it can have serious implications for one’s mental health. Take my advice – if you’re struggling, seek help! Help yourself and those around you. You can thank us later!

Outside Bets Beat Inside Bets

We’re almost ready for the wrap up here. It’s been quite the journey, eh? The final one of our 7 online roulette tips is here, so let’s dive right into it!

When talking about different bet types in roulette, the two main specimens are inside and outside bets. Inside bets are bets on the number spots. They’re labeled as “inside” bets because they’re located in the middle of the table.

Outside bets, on the other hand, surround their inside counterparts. Outside bets are black/red, odd/even, high/low, and first/second/third 12. When talking about raw winning potential, we have to emphasize the importance of outside bets. Not only are they much more popular than any inside bet (including corner bets), they have much higher win potential too.

Granted, the returns are much smaller because you’re not betting on a single number but on a whole group of numbers. The odds have to reflect on realistic probability. But, if we’re looking at the grand scheme of things, outside bets beat inside bets all day every day!


That about wraps it up for today, lads! What are your thoughts on our online roulette hints? Have you had the chance to learn the same lessons like me? Would you like to add anything to our list? If you would, please drop a comment down below.

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