9 Ways for Mines Games Bonus Gambling Newbies to Get Into the Game

9 Ways for Mines Games Bonus Gambling Newbies to Get Into the Game

I’m regularly bombarded by questions about gambling. A majority of these inquiries revolve around how to win the next time the individual is in the casino.

I typically advise them to learn how to count cards or become really solid at poker. I even had my wife’s surgeon ask me that question during her post-op while she was still coming out of anesthesia.

I also get asked frequently about the best ways for novice gamblers to launch their gambling careers. Frankly, it’s the same answer.

However, that’s not the information people want. They want to hear the most accessible games to pick up that won’t bankrupt them.
So, here are 9 ways for gambling newbies to get into the game.

1 – Keno the Old Casino Staple

Keno gets a negative rep as a casino game reserved for the retired crowd with a limited gambling budget and needs a game that’s easy on the ticker.

This is partially correct. The keno room draws an older demographic at times, no different from the slot machines if we’re transparent.

Don’t let any negative stigmas you have against keno scare you away before investigating for yourself. You may find that keno has several aspects that you enjoy.

It would be a complete shame to simply miss out on a classic casino game because your neighbor’s dentist doesn’t like it.

For starters, keno is an excellent game for new players to cautiously dip their toes in the water and get comfortable. You’ll be making minimum bets at a relatively slow pace; there’s no game in the casino that takes 5 full minutes to produce a result like keno.

Keep keno in mind when you head for the casino, and at the bare minimum, you should get more mileage out of your gambling bankroll.

2 – Slot Machines

Slot machines are the defacto beginner game for nearly all casino patrons. It’s an easy pick for many reasons, and though the house edge is high, the slot machines remain an excellent place to start.

First, they cover nearly every inch of the casino floor and are stacked inconvenient lines for you and your friends.

They are also among the most accessible games in the casino to play. You place your money into the machine, press spin, and if bells and alarms start going off, you win.

You follow this simple process until you win big or lose it all and head home. 


Slot machines come in a wide range of variety, which make them accessible to nearly any budget. My first several casino trips were spent feeding $20 bills into the penny slots.

On my second attempt, this broke college student turned $100 into $160, and I was hooked. It sparked a love that’s lasted longer than most marriages and manifest itself into a career.

Your hometown experts will tell you the slot machines are a money pit. They definitely aren’t the most player-friendly games in the casino. Are you going to the casino to make a few bucks or have a fantastic time?

Besides, you’ll never win $25,000 in one lucky hand of blackjack.

3 – Playing the Lottery

You’ll never have to travel farther than your corner gas station for this one. The lottery is another gambling activity that the armchair pundits love to bag on relentlessly.

They site the astronomical odds against you ever winning the jackpot. In doing so, they wholly ignore the entertainment you get for your $2 purchase.

You don’t even need to pick numbers to play the lottery. You merely walk into the corner store, hand the cashier two-dollar bills, and they’ll return a ticket with random numbers.

Look, you’ll almost certainly win the $500 million jackpot. However, you could rack up smaller wins while you dream about ways to spend half a billion dollars.

4 – Don’t Pass Craps

Craps is widely considered the most intimidating casino game for new players. The table has a ton of betting options and is surrounded by exciting gamblers.

They all initially appear to have a firm grasp on exactly what’s happening. I will tell you as much, or more than over half of those players know in one sentence.

Stick to betting the pass line or don’t pass line. That’s everything you need to know about real money craps at this stage.

Sticking to these bets will give you hours of exciting action with one of the lowest house edges in the entire casino.

The pass line is betting with the shooter and is the more popular choice because of the game’s social aspect. However, the don’t pass line has a slightly lower house edge.

Nobody loves being “that person,” but you should totally be that person. Expect some light verbal ribbing from the rest of the table, and don’t gloat too much after a win.

5 – Video Poker

Video poker is another casino game that doesn’t get the love it deserves. Here you have a game where with the proper strategy, the house advantage completely disappears.

Unfortunately, video poker is a solitaire endeavor. You’ll usually find the games tucked into casino bars away from the action-packed casino floor.

Still, it’s become one of my go-to games when I need a short break from the blackjack table. You will be in a better position for video poker by doing some research before you leave the house.

Discover what variants of video poker are available at the casino you plan to visit. Once you have that information, print out a strategy card online.

Using this card in the casino will allow you to stretch the most out of every penny in your bankroll.

6 – Mini Baccarat

Baccarat is among the most straightforward casino games on the planet. There’s a bit of complicated math that factors into determining the result, but all you need to do is place a bet.

To further simplify the process, there are two available bets, the banker or player. You can bet on either, and the dealer does all of the heavy liftings.

Playing Casino Games

The banker bet carries a small 5% commission on winning bets but still has a lower house edge than betting the player. So, grab your cash and bet banker all night.

The house edge on the banker bet is only 1.06%. That means you should expect to lose roughly $1 for every $100 you put into play.
You may even get on a lucky streak and win some of the casino’s money.

7 – Blackjack

Blackjack is a casino classic, and it should be tour first foray into the table games. There are a few easy steps to making your blackjack run the most glorious of debuts.

First and foremost, stop into the casino gift shop and pick up a basic strategy card. This card is based on millions of simulated hands and provides you the best action for every possible scenario.

However, the chart only works when it’s used on every single hand when you’re playing blackjack. Deviate even the slightest, and your efforts are all for nothing.

Next, you need to find a game that pays 3 to 2 for a blackjack. Some casinos have begun sneaking in tables that only pay 6 to 5. While that may seem insignificant, it has terrible results for the player.

So, follow the strategy card religiously, and if you can’t find a 3 to 2 table, don’t play. It’s as straightforward as that.

Later you can begin learning the card counting basics and start getting your money back.

8 – Even Money Roulette

The even-money roulette bets are popular with the newbie gambling crowd. These bets are simple to understand, easy to make, and you’ll stay around even.

However, stay away from betting systems like the Martingale. This system has you varying your bet size depending on the results of the previous hand.

You’ll merely begin losing money at double the rate when you do this. Stick to a flat betting size and only betting on the even money bets like Even/Odd and Red/Black.

You’ll be able to gamble for hours without being in much danger of losing your bankroll.

9 – Simple Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most exciting ways for fans to get in on the action. You can do this without ever involving casinos or online sportsbooks.

Grab your buddy across the street and place a friendly wager on an upcoming contest between your favorite teams. You can keep a running tab through the season, and the loser pays up at the end.

Of course, the casino sportsbooks are also welcoming to first-time casino guests. My wife’s brother refuses to play casino games.

Still, he’ll be happy to spend 8 hours sipping his drinks and betting on all of the college football games. Sports betting is geared specifically for sports fans, but don’t fall into the trap of gambling with your heart.

That’s a sure-fire way to toss your money and a piece of your heart into the fire.


Gambling can be intimidating for those on the outside looking in, but it doesn’t need to be ominous. These 9 ways for casino newbies to get into the game will have you feeling like a veteran gambler in no time at all.

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