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The Shot Roulette drinking game is an absolute favorite to myriads of people all around the world. The fun and simple game will not only make your party even more exhilarating, but you may also become a total fan of the classical casino game. On this page, we will explain the rules associated with the game. We are quick to assure you that you will find no difficulty grasping the basics of the Roulette Shot Glass game.

Why Is The Shot Roulette Game So Popular?

One of the main reasons why this roulette drinking game is so well-liked is that it is an amazing ice-breaker. Sometimes, going to a gathering with total strangers may be a bit awkward. But, as we may all agree, alcohol surely helps individuals relax and become more affable. That’s why starting the party with a quick game of Shot Roulette is a great way to let go of any anxiety one may feel. Plus, the greatest perk of this game is the fact that it is entirely up to the players to decide what the rules will be.

  •  Origin of Roulette
  •  The Different Types of Rules of Shot Roulette Pick A Glass
  •  Spin the Wheel and Take A Shot
  •  Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Shots
  •  Tips for Playing Shot Glass Roulette
Works as an ice-breaker.Players may spend too much money on alcohol.
It is super fun.Drinking irresponsibly may lead to serious consequences.
Players can think of different rules every time.Players may get bored after an hour or so.
It is super affordable.Many low-quality Shot Roulette wheels are available online.
Origin of Roulette

We believe most of you have wondered about the origin of the popular casino game while playing roulette online. It is believed that the very first form of roulette dates back to the 17th century. The country where it originated is France, and Blaise Pascal is said to be the founder of the spinning wheel game. The reason being is that Pascal presented a primal form of roulette.

Over the years, the fascinating game has become more and more favored by individuals. Of course, several other variations were introduced, as well. Today, there are three main variants of roulette, namely European, French, and American. Nonetheless, you are not required to be a roulette expert to play Shot Glass Roulette.

The drinking game is, of course, not as old as roulette itself, but it is just as popular. Although the name of the game sounds a bit dangerous, there is nothing to be afraid of. You won’t be shot, but you may have to take a shot from the wheel. In the next paragraphs, we will thoroughly explain all rules of the Shot Roulette drinking game so that you can have a splendid time next time you play it.

The Different Types of Rules of Shot Roulette

One of the main advantages of Shot Roulette is the fact that players are allowed to come up with their own rules when playing. You won’t have to stick to particular instructions. Quite the opposite, actually; you can make each gaming session even more exhilarating than the previous one.

The package of the roulette drinking game contains roulette balls, a wheel, and several glass shots. Each shot has numbers written on them. These numbers correspond to the figures on the wheel. Depending on the rules you choose to play by, these numbers may be to your advantage or disadvantage.

Pick A Glass

Many players choose to play Shot Roulette in the following way: each player picks one or more glasses, and if the ball stops in the corresponding number on the wheel, the holder of the glass with the figure written on it should drink. This is a fun and quite fair way to play the game. The reason being is that nobody will drink more than the other players.

However, you should keep in mind that some Shot Roulette sets sold online come with 12 rather than six shots. Therefore, if three people play the game, each one of them will be required to drink four shots in total. In such cases, perhaps, it will be better to choose alcohol that is not as strong as whiskey, for instance. Many individuals choose to go with sweet shots made with different syrups, juices, and some sort of alcohol, such as gin or vodka.

Spin the Wheel and Take A Shot

Another thing you can do is pour alcohol into all glass shots. Then, taking turns, you should spin the wheel and take a shot. For instance, if the ball falls into sector 28, you should drink the liquid in the respective shot. The game continues until all glass shots are empty. If you happen to get an empty shot, you do not drink anything for that particular round.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should always drink responsibly, especially if you play by these rules. The reason being is that, depending on your luck, you may end up drinking five or even more shots. If the alcohol is too strong, you may get tipsy quite swiftly. In other words, know your limits, and don’t forget that your main aim should be to have endless fun with your friends.

Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Shots

This alternative is perhaps the most exciting one. It may be called Russian Roulette drinking game because it strongly resembles the deadly game of chance. As some of you may know, in Russian Roulette, one round is placed in a revolver, and after that, the cylinder is spun. The player is then required to point the gun to his head and pull the trigger.

Needless to say, the Shot Roulette variation we’re about to discuss is completely safe. If players choose to play by these rules, the shot glasses should get filled with water. However, depending on your preferences, you should pour vodka into one or more of the glasses. This way, when a player spins the wheel, they will have to drink the liquid from the respective cup. The funny part is that nobody will know whether they’ll taste water or vodka.

The fact that you will be unaware of what you’ll get when you take a shot is the reason why many people compare the game with Russian Roulette. As an alternative, you may also pour different types of alcohol into each shot. This way, everyone will enjoy more than one drink during the game. However, the latter is associated with a greater risk of getting tipsy, so we advise you to always play responsibly.

Tips for Playing Shot Glass Roulette

First and foremost, if you wish to have a fun and unproblematic game of drinking roulette, you should always drink responsibly. Some people get tipsy much easier than others, which is why it is crucial to know your limits. If you feel that you may get sick, it would be better to quit the game. This will be not only to your advantage but to that of your friends, as well.

Secondly, we recommend you to not put too much thought into the Shot Roulette casino drinking game. As you can see from the previous paragraphs, the rules may be super simple. Thus, it is really not advisable to spend hours thinking of more complicated instructions players should abide by. The truth is that this game was made to be simple and fun – nothing more than that.

And thirdly, ensure that you choose a good drinking roulette set. Some come with plastic cups, which is not the best option you can go with. Instead, we recommend you choose glass ones. Not only are they more sustainable, but you won’t have to worry about crumpling them all the time.


We are positive that we have managed to provide all essential information regarding the fun and super popular Shot Roulette game. To make things even easier for you, we will answer several commonly asked questions regarding the game. If you need further details about each question, you should simply go back to the previous sections of our blog post, where we’ve described everything in great detail.

Are Shot Roulette Drinking Game’s rules simple?

Absolutely. The rules of this drinking game are not only simple, but super versatile, as well. Depending on your preferences and the number of players, you can change the rules so that they are suitable to your interests. The one main rule is to have fun throughout the entire time.

Can the Roulette Shot Glass game be played by people who do not consume alcohol?

Yes, of course. It is entirely up to you what drink you will pour into the glass shots. For example, you can pour different drinks in each shot, which will bring in the element of surprise. You are not obliged to use alcoholic beverages. Instead, you can make various non-alcoholic cocktails.

What inspired the creation of this game?

It goes without saying that the popular roulette casino game is the main inspiration for this drinking game. The very first form of roulette was introduced back in the 17th century, which shows us just how prominent this game is.

How to choose the best drinking roulette set?

If you look online, you will find numerous Shot Roulette Wheel sets. However, not all of them are worth your money. We advise you to always choose sets with glass shots rather than plastic ones. This way, you will be able to play the game for years without having to buy a new one.

Is the Shot Roulette drinking game popular?

A significant number of individuals love to play the roulette wheel drinking game. There are many reasons for its huge popularity. The major one is the fact that the game is very simple, and most of the available sets are super affordable.

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