Can Mines Game Casino Bonuses Really Be Beaten?

Can Mines Game Casino Bonuses Really Be Beaten?

Today we are going to take a look at the tricky subject of casino bonuses, and ask is it really possible to accept one and then come out of the other end of your bonus playing session showing a profit which you are then free to cash out.

Many people have been put off claiming bonuses in the last few years offered by many online casino sites due to the terms and conditions that are always attached to bonuses becoming much stricter and tighter.

There was a time not too long ago when you could make a deposit into a casino, claim a bonus and then play any game on offer and only have to play through your bonus amount 3 or 4 times. However, that has all changed and now it is not uncommon to find a deposit bonus offer which will force you to have to play through both your deposited amount and your bonus amount over 30 or 40 times and also you may be forced to only play a handpicked selection of casino games!

Which Casino Bonuses Can Be Beaten?

If you are prepared to hunt around the web and put in a lot of effort you can still come across some bonuses that can be beaten, and those that you should be looking out for are bonuses on which you can claim over 100% of your deposited amount as a bonus.

The higher the percentage the better, however you also need to couple into those bonuses a few additional factors. One of these is the play through requirement. The ideal bonus should come with a play through of less than 30 times the bonus amount only. Any bonus terms and conditions that make you additionally play through your deposited amount are poor valued ones.

Also the actual games you can play with a bonus in your casino account will affect your winning chances. So be on the lookout for bonuses which can be used on games such as Video Poker or Blackjack as those games by their very nature often boast the very lowest house edges and when linked to a bonus with low play through requirements should improve your winning chances.

Unfair Bonus Terms and Conditions

There are some terms and conditions that can be found attached to many bonuses offered by certain casino sites online that are very unfair and very un-player friendly. One type of bonus rule is known as a Maximum Cash-Out Limit, and you need to be on the lookout for any casino site that imposes such a rule, and avoid playing there.

A maximum cash out limit will see the maximum amount you can win from any bonuses been capped to a low multiple of the deposit amount you made to claim the bonus or small percentage of the bonus amount claimed.

So for example you could see a bonus on offer that lets you claim a 100% deposit match bonus when you make a deposit of 50.00, but if that bonus comes with a 3 times maximum cash out limit on the deposited or bonus amount then the maximum amount of cash you can win and cash out with such a bonus is only going to be 150.00 and 50.00 of that was your deposited amount!

Imagine how you would feel winning let’s say 1000.00 when you had claimed such a bonus, only for the casino to send you 150.00 of those winnings and void the remainder! That is what happens every day of the week and as such you need to tread very carefully indeed if you do decide to take up a casinos bonus offer.

Game restrictions are another way a casino can guarantee that not many players are ever going to win with one of their bonuses. You will often find many popular casino games cannot be played with a bonus and even if you accept a slot bonus for example it is often the case that lots of the available slot games offered at one casino site will be on the list of restricted games when you look through the bonus terms and conditions.

One recently very un-fair if not unclear bonus rules we found attached to some casino slot bonuses were found at a Playtech powered casino. The bonus terms stated that players can play any slot game with the bonus but not progressive slots.

As you may be aware some Playtech powered slots have a special yet completely optional Lottery based side bet option on which you can play the side bet and pick a set of numbers which you will be hoping get drawn out of a lottery type machine.

Many players played those slots with a bonus in their account but totally ignored and didn’t place the non slot game based bonus side bet, but still found their winnings voided due to the casino deeming those Dollar Ball slot games as they are known to be progressive jackpot slots!

So when you are thinking of playing with a casino bonus make sure you are fully aware of what is expected of you and what games you can play with that bonus and what games you cannot play, and if you are ever in any doubt ask the casino support team and get them to put their replies in writing in an email to you, just in case of problems later on it the day when you cash out any winnings!


As you have just discovered there are several casino bonuses that can be beaten, however it does take a lot of time and effort on your behalf as tracking those bonuses which offer the best playing value can be quite difficult!

Having said that though, you must be careful when hunting around for the best casino bonus offers and special promotions, and also ensure that you stick to playing at our featured sites for a completely hassle free type of bonus playing session.

All of the site listed on our website will never pull any stunts when you win with a bonus when you follow the terms and conditions of any bonus offer you accept and take advantage of, and you should never experience any problems cashing out your winnings at our featured casino sites.

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