Deposit Options for Mines Games Pattern US Players

Deposit Options for Mines Games Pattern US Players

There are many US-focused online casinos across the online gambling industry, which other than just accepting US players, also make sure these players feel like home when playing at their sites. In addition to bonuses and promotions crafted for players from the US, these casinos give players the chance to deposit using payment methods which are familiar and convenient to use, and which are popularly used in the States. The following are the most frequently used and popular methods you can use across online casinos as a US player. 


American Express is a US-based online payment method that has been around since 1850. It offers a variety of card products players can choose from, but it is only used for deposits across online casinos, and not for withdrawals. Users can normally get traveler’s cheques, prepaid, gift and charge cards, and credit cards issued by AmEx, but online casino players would need to get either a charge or a credit card in order to make safe and secure deposits. 

Its reputation, the fact that it allows for quick deposits, and that it has a robust fraud prevention system when depositing to international accounts are the things that make it a great deposit option for playing across online casinos. Depositing with AmEx is easy and probably familiar to you because the process involves the same steps as with any other payment method. You just have to log in to your casino, go to the Cashier section, choose the amount you wish to deposit and confirm your transaction. 

Discover Card

Discover Card is a product of the huge US company called Discover Financial Services, which in addition to this offers a range of other products. The company first launched in 1986, and thanks to the achievements and users’ interest, it went international.

Using it across online casinos, players get several outstanding benefits. For one, this method requires no annual fees. Also, you don’t need to have a bank account in order to get issued with a card. On that note, you have multiple card options to choose from when applying for a card. Depending on your preferences, you can get the student, traveler, and rewards card. Regardless of whichever you choose, though, you should know that you’ll get a 5% cashback on each transaction you make. This means that you will have more funds to play your favorite games with which is awesome. 


Located in California, and launched in 1998, PayPal is the eWallet that is used by millions of people around the world. Due to its excellent service, it has collected over 20 awards throughout the years.

Online casino players interested in playing with this online payment method should know that it comes with really low fees. Also, some would say that it is an overprotective method due to its tight security measures. But thanks to these measures, its fraud rate is much, much lower than with most other methods of the sort. 

To fund your PayPal account and play across online casinos with it, you can link it to your bank account, debit, or credit card, therefore, you can do that by simply using your VISA or MasterCard. Once you have the funds on it, you can use it across online casinos by simply registering through it and entering the amount you wish to deposit. Deposits are instant and only a small fee applies.

Western Union

Being around since 1851, it is fair to say that Western Union has got what it takes to be considered as a widely used payment method. In North America alone, the service has 70,000 locations, but it has expanded its reach to over 200 countries in all those years. 

And while used in so many countries for everyday purchases, it is also used across online casinos. There are many advantages US players can get for choosing it as a deposit method. The company’s reputation is one. Another one is low fees, going anywhere from 1% to 4%, depending on whether currency exchange is needed. And then, you don’t need to have a bank account nor a credit card to use it. You can simply send cash via the Western Union service, by going to the nearest WU location and depositing that money. Precisely for this reason, though, deposits to online casinos may take a few days, which is much slower than using another traditional payment method.

Diners Club

Established over 70 years ago, Diners Club card is one of the most popular US payment methods, which has received a huge user base in Europe. Owned by Discover Financial Services, which has been around since 1986, it is a method that holds a great reputation all across America. 

In 2004, Diners Club partnered with MasterCard, so if you want to start using it, as a US player, you can go to the nearest Discover or MasterCard-issuing location and apply for an account. BMO Harris Bank has the exclusive rights to market it in the US, as well. Using it for deposits, you will get some exquisite perks. Among others, there’s no need of paying currency transaction fees, and you collect 1 point for each $1 you spend which never expires.


Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency developed in 2008, with the aim to make online payments untraceable by governments. It is completely decentralized, offering US players anonymity when playing across online casinos. Due to its peer-to-peer concept, players get to deposit coins directly to the online casino without intermediaries, ergo, with no banks in between. 

As such, it is a payment option that allows fee-free and instant transactions, and top-notch security. No one other than yourself will ever know your public key, the destination address of your Bitcoin wallet. Plus, making deposits with it is quite simple. You just need to enter the amount of coins you want to deposit and the public key. In an instant, the coins will be on your casino account to start playing your preferred online casino games. The beauty of this payment method is that you can also use it for withdrawals, so you won’t need to look for alternatives when you wish to cash out your winnings.

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