Is There a Roulette Mines Games Bonus Betting System With a 99.4% Success Rate?

Is There a Roulette Mines Games Bonus Betting System With a 99.4% Success Rate?

I thoroughly enjoy playing roulette in online and land-based casinos. Due to the lack of strategy, though, this game can get stale.

Therefore, I sometimes use betting systems to spice up the action. I’ll even search for new betting strategies when I’m tired of using the same ones.

On one occasion when searching for a betting system, I came across claims that a strategy allegedly features a “99.4% success rate.”

This 99.4% success rate doesn’t just allude to 99.4% return to player (RTP). No, it claims that you’ll win so much that you earn nearly $2,500 per hour with $5 bets.

Knowing quite a bit about roulette, I was immediately skeptical about these claims. However, I decided to look further into the matter anyways.

I’ll cover what I learned about this mysterious betting strategy and if it truly works. But first, I’ll go over the regular roulette odds that you face whether using a system or playing normally.

What Are Your Normal Chances of Winning With Roulette?

Your chances of winning with this game depend upon two main factors:

  1. What wheel you’re playing on.
  2. Which bets you’re making.

The first point determines the house edge that your face when playing real money roulette . This game features four different variations—each with a different house advantage.

Here are the four variants along with their respective house edges:

  • American roulette – Features 38 pockets and has a 5.26% house advantage.
  • European roulette – Features 37 pockets and has a 2.70% house edge.
  • French roulette – Features 37 pockets, has the la partage rule, and carries a 1.35% house edge.
  • Mini roulette – Features 13 pockets, has the la partage rule, and carries a 3.85% house advantage.

With American and European roulette, the house edge will be the same no matter what wager you make. With French and mini roulette, though, the house advantage changes based on if you’re placing even-money wagers or other bets.

The la partage rule only applies to even-money wagers in these games. It delivers half your bet back when the ball lands on zero.

La partage effectively halves the house edge. Again, though, it only does so when you stick with even-money bets.

What Are Systems Supposed to Do?

You can see that there’s not much to roulette strategy. As long as you’re playing French or European roulette, then you have a solid chance to win money.

Systems add more complexity to the matter. They involve placing wagers in a pattern based on wins and losses.

Some of these strategies see you increase bets during a losing streak (a.k.a. negative progression). Others require increasing wagers during a winning streak (a.k.a. positive progression).

A negative progression system gives you an opportunity to win back any losses during a session. It’ll also leave you with a profit when everything goes right.

Positive progression systems help you capitalize on hot streaks. You can leave the casino with serious winnings when these strategies work out.

Of course, every roulette betting system is designed with the intent of beating the house edge. Later, I’ll discuss whether any staking strategy is capable of this feat.

What Are the Basics of the 99.4% Success System?

I first learned of the betting system with a 99.4% win rate through both an Ezine article and sales letter page.

These resources make incredible claims that you can win thousands of dollars per hour with this strategy. So how does it work?

This system revolves around monitoring trends with even-money bets. If you see red win five times in a row, for example, then you’ll bet on black because it’s “due” for a win.

At this point, you wager three units (1 unit for each win) on the side that’s in a losing streak. In the event of a loss, you double this wager until finally winning.

Here’s an example on how this plays out:

  • You set a unit size of $5.
  • You begin monitoring the results.
  • Red wins three consecutive times.
  • You wager $15 on black.
  • Red wins again.
  • You wager $30 on black.
  • Red wins again.
  • You wager $60 on black and finally win.
  • 60 – 45 = $15 net profit

Assuming you’re playing online roulette, you can actually use this system much more cheaply. With $1 minimum online bets, you could set a $1 unit size.

But if you’re in a land-based casino, you’ll need to risk as least $5. The hope is that the trend quickly reverses and you don’t have to risk much before winning. Otherwise, you’ll need to place larger and larger wagers.

Will You Actually Win Big Profits With This System?

In answer to the question originally posed, no, this betting system doesn’t have a 99.4% win rate. If it did, then everybody would find out about its existence and milk it until casinos stopped offering roulette altogether.

This staking strategy merely combines two common systems: trend betting and the Martingale (covered next).

Neither trend gambling nor the Martingale can overcome the house edge in the long run. Combining them doesn’t produce any different effect.

If you’re using the 99.4% strategy on French roulette, for example, then you’ll still face a 1.35% house advantage. The only difference is that you’ll experience more volatility one way or the other.

Wheel bias is the only way to beat roulette in the long term. However, even this advantage play method rarely works for reasons explained here.

Other Roulette Betting Systems That You Can Use

The system described above suffers from the same problem as any other staking strategy. It can’t overcome the house edge and deliver guarantee profits.

Even still, betting systems are fun to use when you’re looking for something different. Here are some other strategies that you might try for entertainment purposes.


The Martingale is the easiest betting system of all to use. It involves doubling your wagers following every loss.

You continue in this manner until booking a win. At this point, you return to making the table’s minimum wager.

The Martingale system is closely related to the 99.4% system. The only difference is that it doesn’t call on you to wait for trends to develop.

Here’s an example on how it works:

  • You start out by placing the table’s $5 minimum wager.
  • You bet on 1-18 (1-18/19-36) every time.
  • You lose the first bet (bankroll at -5).
  • You double to $10 and lose (-15).
  • You double to $20 and lose (-35).
  • You double to $40 and win (+5).
  • You return to the original $5 wager.

You begin using the Labouchere by writing out a string of numbers. These numbers represent betting units. Your unit size should be measured by the table’s minimum bet.

You combine the first and last number in a string to determine your next wager. Here’s an example on using the Labouchere:

  • You use a $1 unit size (online).
  • You set the following number string: 3, 4, 5, 4, 3
  • Your first wager is $6 (3+3).
  • You win this bet and your new string becomes: 4, 5, 4
  • Your next wager is $8 (4+4).
  • You lose this bet and your new string becomes: 4, 5, 4, 8
  • Your next wager is $12 (4+8).
  • You win this bet and your new string becomes: 5, 4
  • Your next bet is $9 (5+4).
  • You’ve won a $19 profit (3+4+5+4+3) and can either start anew or quit playing.
Oscar’s Grind

Oscar’s Grind revolves around increasing your wagers when you’re in the midst of a losing streak. The idea here is to win back any losses and collect a small profit.

Here’s how this system works:

  1. You set a unit size.
  2. You start by wagering 1 unit.
  3. You keep betting 1 unit until a losing streak happens.
  4. Following the first win after this losing streak, you increase your bet to 2 units.
  5. You continue adding 1 unit until reaching a +1 unit profit.
  6. You return to the minimum bet at this point.

Here’s an example on how everything comes together with Oscar’s Grind:

  • You bet 1 unit and lose (bankroll at -1 unit).
  • You bet 1 unit and lose (-2 units).
  • You bet 1 unit and lose (-3 units).
  • You bet 1 unit and win (-2 units).
  • You bet 2 units and win (0 units).
  • You bet 2 units and lose (-2 units).
  • You bet 2 units and lose (-4 units).
  • You bet 2 units and win (-2 units).
  • You bet 3 units and win (+1 unit).
  • Return to wagering 1 unit.

No betting system will help you win guaranteed profits—especially not $2,500 per hour. The 99.4% strategy is no exception to the norm.

However, you might consider using this betting strategy or another for entertainment purposes alone. Systems inject more fun into your roulette experience. They can also deliver bigger wins or at least reduce the chances of you leaving the casino a loser.

You must be prepared for the higher volatility, though. You could win or lose big with a betting system on any given night.

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