Last Call for Progressive Slot Players in Online Mines Game Casino

Last Call for Progressive Slot Players in Online Mines Game Casino

If during 2014 you were hoping to add your name to the list of slot players who have won a progressive jackpot playing slots online, then you have not much time left to do just that! There are several progressive jackpot slot games that are worth playing in the dying days of 2014 and today we shall take a look at some of the slots currently with the highest valued jackpots attached to them.

Be aware that there are going to be many benefits of you signing up to and playing at any of our featured online casinos if it is slot and progressive games you wish to play, for not only are you going to be accumulating comp points and will qualifying for many new player and ongoing bonus offers when you are a member of any of our listed casino sites, but if you do achieve your goal of winning a progressive jackpots at ones of our top rated casinos those sites will pull out all of the stops to ensure you have those winnings in your bank account as quickly as is possible.

Progressive Slot Games You Should Try and Play This Year

There are several slot games that still have huge jackpots waiting to be won before the end of the year and we shall now give you a quick run through of which slots may be worth your time and effort playing in the last few days of 2014 if you are hoping to bag a huge jackpot win in time for the New Year.

Let us start with every one’s favourite slot game that being the Mega Moolah slot, as you will already know if you play this slot, you can play it for any stake level and with as many or as few pay lines live and in play as you want and you will always have the chance of triggering the spinning wheel base bonus game at the end of any paid for base game spin and when you do you are going to be guaranteed of winning one of the progressive jackpots on offer on the slot of which there are four of them available. The jackpot on this slot which pays the most is the Mega slot jackpot which currently stands, at the time of writing this guide at a huge Mega Moolah £3,143,756!

If on the other hand you must prefer playing NetEnt Slot Games then make sure one you play in the next few days is the Mega Fortune Slot game, for that slot currently has a jackpot that has been growing in value for quite some time now and as such there is over €4,695,564 waiting to be won on it. The way this slot game awards its progressive jackpot is by another wheel spinning base bonus game but you have to spin in certain symbols consecutively to be awarded with the highest valued jackpot!

We do know that a lot of our website visitors enjoy playing Playtech Slots Online and as such we have a great slot machine to introduce you to that you may not have come across before. That slot is their Beach Life Slot and that slot does of course have a huge progressives jackpot that can be won by players, and currently the jackpot, at the time of compiling the facts and figures displayed on this progressive slot playing guide, stood at a huge $3,079,432, and as such it may be about to be won by one lucky player, so make sure you give it some play time a you never know, that lucky jackpot winning player could just be you!

Also do make sure you checkout the Random Jackpot slots which are found in our Real Time Gaming Casino Sites, for when playing those game you will find at the end of one single paid for base game spin of their reels you could end up instantly and at random winning the progressive jackpot that is displayed on the jackpot meter.


Should you be new to playing progressive slot games online then you should be aware that there are several different types and categories of these types of slot machines available online, and there will also be several different ways that you can play them.

Before you send any slot game reels spinning you should read through the pay table of the progressive slot to see if you have to put into play a certain number of paylines or play that slot for any stake amount to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, for often you will have to play maximum bet spins to have the progressive jackpot paying part of the pay table live and in play.

However, as you have just found out, there are several online progressive slot games that do not require you have to place any type of maximums take bet to have a chance of winning the every rising jackpot attached to those games and as such they will be ideal slots to play if you only have a small amount of cash available to play slot with today!

If you do decide to get stuck into playing any of our featured progressive slots names above then allow us to wish you the very best of luck and let us hope you achieve your dream and win one of the jackpot son offer, sooner rather than later.

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