Ranking Most Popular England Football Kits Ahead of the World Cup in Mines Games Easy Way

Ranking Most Popular England Football Kits Ahead of the World Cup in Mines Games Easy Way

The football apparel market is worth over $77 billion worldwide, and with the World Cup around the corner, now is the ideal time to make sure you have the best football shirt. Our expert AskGamblers online casino team wanted to find out which shirts are favoured amongst England fans and whose fans could make a profit.

The Most Profitable England Shirts on eBay
Most Profitable England Shirts on eBay

The most profitable shirts on eBay are from Euro 1988, with an average selling price of £114. The high average price could be due to the third shirt, which was never worn competitively, making it rare and hard to find.

The second most profitable shirt is another Euro shirt, the 1992 shirt averages a price of £73, almost as much as the current World Cup kit. In third is the World Cup 1970 shirt, selling for £62 on average, surprisingly shirts from the World Cup following 1966 have a higher selling price. In fourth and fifth, we have two World Cup shirts, the 1982 version sells for £57 on average, and the 1986 version sells for £56 on average.

The Most In-Demand England Shirts on eBay
Most In-Demand England Shirts on eBay

Despite only being on sale since September, the 2022 World Cup shirt is the most sold from our research. The shirt has sold over 4,500 and grossed over £130k, with an average selling price of £29 eBay is the place to look to save on the current World Cup kit.

With 1,600 sold and over £57k grossed, the Euro 2020 shirt is our second most in-demand kit; these shirts also sell for an average price of £35. Third, we have the Euro 1996 shirt, with half the number sold compared to 2020 at 895; this shirt still managed to gross over £35k due to an average selling price of £40.

The World Cup 1990 shirts had the same average selling price as the Euro 1996, £40, and grossed over £27k. Rounding off the top five is the World Cup 1998, with 383 sold and over £15k grossed.

The Most Expensive England Shirts Sold on eBay

It’s well known that a match-worn or signed shirt will have the highest selling price, but which shirts were sold for the most?

Most Expensive England Shirts Sold on eBay

The most expensive shirt sold was the 1982 match worn home shirt by Sir Trevor Brooking; this one was sold for £2,574.75. Brooking was injured during the 1982 World Cup and only played as a substitute in England’s final match against Spain. Despite only playing for 30 minutes and not making it through to the semi-final, the limited wear time has made this a rare find for eager collectors.

The second most expensive shirt sold is a match worn 1990 home shirt sold for £909.48, potentially because the 1990 tournament is one of three England qualified for the semi-finals.

The third spot took a signed home shirt from the 2020 Euros, which sold for £633.72, a shirt from the most recent international competition is perhaps expected for one of the most expensive sellers.

The fourth-ranked is a 1996 Euro away shirt sold for £400.36; the fifth is a 1986 World Cup home shirt which sold for £368.67.

1966: The World Cup England Won

Coming to the end of our blog, you may have one question: what about shirts from the 1966 World Cup?

With an average price of £28 and only 220 sold last year, this shirt is in the lower half of our research for the average price and total sales. However, these shirts still grossed over £6,000, making them the 10th most in-demand on our list. The most expensive listing was an official signed shirt sold for £228.27, over £400 less than the 2020 signed shirt.


eBay is a great place for buying or selling football shirts; with World Cup shirts being in higher demand, 8 of our top 10 are from different World Cups. Rarer shirts are more likely to sell for a higher price, and for the highest earnings, a shirt should be worn or signed by the team.

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