Top 5 Mines Games Bonus Casino Hacks to Win More Money

Top 5 Mines Games Bonus Casino Hacks to Win More Money

Let’s face it, if you’ve been gambling for any considerable amount of time, you’ve had your ups and downs. It’s all part of the game for better or worse. 

However, over the past decade or so, I’ve found that the best gamblers are the ones who seem to have the most fun. After all, gambling is meant to be fun. Vegas wasn’t built on the tears of losers (well not entirely), rather it was built on fun. You can’t argue that Vegas isn’t a blast.

So I’m going to share the 5 most common casino hacks that successful gamblers all share. This article will not only show you how to be more successful at the tables but also how to leverage the casino to maximize your entertainment dollars.

1 – Do Your Homework on Slot Machine Games

Most people believe that slot machines are games of chance and that there is nothing you can do to influence the outcomes. Fact or fiction? 

Slot Machine Casino

The trick to beating slot machine games is choosing the right games with the best RTPs (Return to Player percentages), managing your bankroll effectively, and picking the right slots platform. Land-based slot machines are notorious for the low payouts on their slot machine games.

Consider all the fixed costs at Atlantic City casinos including physical slot machines, engineers, maintenance and wait staff, casino employees, loans, lines of credit, etc. For these reasons, it’s always better to play online slot games since there are lower fixed costs and higher RTPs.

Next, decide whether to play classic slots, video slots, or progressive slots. Progressive slots have the lowest RTPs, while classic slots and video slots offer better returns to players.

Only gamble with money that you can afford to lose or play free slots online and enjoy risk-free entertainment and maximum fun!

2 – Watch the Casino Dealer

Ever heard of dealer error? It’s a real thing and it’s one of the best casino cheats out there! Dealers and croupiers are people too. They make mistakes just like the rest of us, and it’s up to you to spot those mistakes and capitalize on them. 

Casino Dealer at Blackjack Table, Two Queen of Hearts Cards

Games like Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat are great examples of games where dealers are prone to error. Look for a greenhorn dealer (a newbie) who has a tendency of revealing his hole cards, or who makes poor betting decisions. 

Dealers must mentally calculate hand totals and then decide whether to hit, stand, double, split, etc. If you see a dealer making a mistake, pounce on that mistake and win some cash.

If a roulette croupier says, “no more bets”, he means it. If you’re unsure about the passage of play, take one of the casino’s fresher classes first, or watch the action for a while before joining in. It’s a good rule of thumb to listen to the dealer as they are directing the passage of play.

Yes, they work there and yes, they are professionals, but no dealer in the world wants to take responsibility for a player’s luck. 

Consider your request from their perspective: it may sound harmless enough to ask what their recommendation would be with your hand, but if you follow their tip and lose, the dealer has no way to predict whether you’ll take it calmly and rationally, or become belligerent.

Two notable exceptions are Pai Gow and Pai Gow Poker, in which it’s common practice to check in with the dealer on the “House Way.”

3 – Maximize Your Bankroll with Bonuses and Promotions

The casino bonus is the most widely used marketing tool by online casinos and by far the most popular. A lot of players use the casino bonus as a way to find out if they like the gambling site, to extend their bankroll, or to increase their playing time.

Casino bonuses come in several forms and are given to both new players (the so-called welcome bonus) and existing customers.

Remember what everyone told you when you were a kid? Folks are always saying you can’t get something for nothing. We beg to differ! Much the same is true of land-based casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

You may be offered complimentary cocktails and drinks while you’re playing at the casino tables or slot machine games.

Most players receive coupon booklets at check-in which can be used for discounted dining, entertainment, and gaming. And if you’re using a player club card, you get points for all your real money play. Online casino players are equally lucky. 

Generous bonuses and promotional offers, re-deposit bonuses, free spins, in-play gamble options, wilds and scatters are all designed to enhance the entertainment and boost your bankroll. Take advantage of these freebies.

After you check in to your hotel and right before you start playing the slots or table games you should beat a path straight for the Players Club Desk and sign up for your player’s card. Many casinos have special promotions to get a player to sign up for their player cards. 

The most common is a rebate on losses. This means that a casino will rebate up to a specific amount of dollars lost on while playing.

Back in the days prior to the 2008 economic collapse some resorts would rebate up to $1000 in free play. In today’s economic climate a player would be lucky to obtain a rebate of up to $200 on gaming losses.

The higher denomination slots have a lower hold percentage on average. This is easily verified by looking at the website of any regulatory board where the % holds for various denominations games are on display. To maximize the win opportunity a player should take approximately 75% of the rebate amount and play the higher denomination games (1$ or $5 machines) until the 75% of the rebate stake is exhausted, or the player hits a few hundred dollars in profit. 

On a $1 and $5 slots it’s not uncommon to hit $50 or $300 win on a single spin, respectively. If the rebate is exhausted the remaining 25% can be played on lower denomination slot games -$0.05, to prolong the play, and maximize entertainment value.

4 – Practice Makes Perfect

Want to know the best casino hack of them all? Demo play games, it really is that simple. The more you practice a game in demo play mode, the better you become. And, there are many other benefits such as preserving your bankroll in anticipation of real money gaming. 

When you play in demo mode, or with social casino slots games, you’re not risking a cent and you’re deriving maximum benefit from your gaming sessions. Many casinos offer free training online.

This is a great way to learn the rules of each game, perfect your betting strategies, and enhance your understanding of skill-based games and games of chance.

5 – Bankroll

An important aspect of self-control is managing your cash. You can’t ever overcome the house edge, but you can use a few tactics to limit how much you lose because of it.
Gambling on your own predetermined terms makes having fun much easier.

Unless you’re playing on a casino bonus, never forget that the money in front of you is always yours. Even if you happen to be winning at any given moment.

Everyone needs to manage their bankroll well. Since nobody has a limitless bankroll, we are all on a budget. When you play real money casino games such as Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, you should divide your available cash into manageable portions. 

If you burn through your stash of cash in one session, you’re more likely to play on tilt, acting on emotion rather than common sense. Never chase your losses, and never play with borrowed money. When you manage your bankroll well, you’ll have a lot more fun in the process.

If you allow yourself to get into a mindset that you’re playing with the house’s money after a win, all your winning stories will turn into “shoulda, woulda, coulda” stories.

Almost all online casinos have several ways to help you keep track of your bankroll. Many offer deposit limits to prevent you from going over a budget. Some even have wagering and time restrictions to help curb you from losing too much in one session. 

These limits can only do so much. It is your responsibility to manage yourself, you’ll be much better off in the long haul.

In the end it all comes down to making rules for yourself and sticking to them.

Some players like using a percentage rule for deciding how much to bet. 

For instance, 0.5% to 1% of your bankroll on each spin of a slot, or no more than 10% of your bankroll on a hand of blackjack. Another strategy is to set a limit on how many bets you’ll make before you take a break. It’s all just about getting the most out of your cash and who knows your money may go to work for you.


I don’t have any casino hacks which will guarantee that you’ll get rich. These hacks are as close as I can come at the moment.

Just remember to enjoy the experience and gamble responsibly. After all, this is supposed to be fun. Right?

You might have your own set of casino hacks, and if you do, I’d love to read about them in the comments. Gamble on.

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