Which Casinos Offer the Best Live Dealer Mines Games Tips Blackjack Online?

Which Casinos Offer the Best Live Dealer Mines Games Tips Blackjack Online?

Live roulette, live baccarat, and live blackjack form the big trio of live dealer casino games. They’re by far the most well-represented games featuring live dealers. That’s not surprising, though, considering the fact live dealer blackjack online combines the best of both worlds.

First of all, it allows you to gamble from the comfort of your home. Secondly, the game allows you to interact with the dealer and socialize with other players at the table. It’s the closest you can get to gambling in a real casino without leaving your home.

But, with so many online casinos out there, beginners might have a hard time figuring out which of them offers the best live dealer blackjack games. If that’s what you’re after, you’re at the right place.

So, before moving any further, here’s a look at our favorites:

Best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

Now that you know where to look for the best live dealer blackjack online games, let’s have a closer inspection at the top three casinos:

Ducky Luck

Ducky Luck offers an unparalleled online gambling experience. It features many games, has a beginner-friendly interface, and has effective customer support. When it comes to their portfolio of live dealer games, Ducky Luck won’t disappoint you.

Ducky Luck’s selection of Fresh Deck Studio games comes in the form of lobbies that open in a new window. From there. You can choose the game you wish to play.

Wild Casino

Wild Casino offers a terrific experience to both newcomers and veterans. The platform is smooth across all devices, has a simple interface, and all the menus make sense, which is of crucial importance for beginners.

The best live blackjack game is Wild Casino’s Multi-hand blackjack special. It’s graphically pleasing and offers a great user experience… what more could you want?

Las Atlantis

Finally, Las Atlantis! Don’t let its age fool you – Las Atlantis might be one of the newest casinos on the market, but it already has a great reputation. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes one of the world’s greats!

In terms of live dealer blackjack online, Las Atlantis offers a ton of options to its players. More precisely, there are five blackjack tables to choose from. Combine that with full smartphone support and fast payouts, and you’ll begin to understand why players love Las Atlantis.

Advantages of Playing Live Dealer Blackjack Online

As mentioned earlier, live dealer blackjack has numerous advantages over the conventional digital (read RNG) versions of the game. The most important benefits are as follows:


This one is pretty simple – nothing beats convenience! With live dealer blackjack and other casino games, you don’t have to leave your home to have fun. It’s all right there on your monitor/laptop/smartphone. With the power of video livestreams, online casinos put you right into the heat.

Don’t have enough funds in your casino account? No worries, you can use cryptocurrencies or a wide array of other digital payment methods that don’t require you to leave your home. You haven’t even registered yet? That’s fine – you can do everything from the comfort of your home. The convenience of real money online casinos is difficult to argue against.

More Immersive Experience

Moving on with the list of advantages of playing live dealer blackjack online, we have to mention the immersion. Digital blackjack games are mere random number generators packed in a fancy graphical environment.

Live dealer games, on the other hand, through the magic of live streaming bring the action to your device. No matter where you are, you can take a seat at the table and enjoy an incredibly immersive gambling experience.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not quite like playing at a real casino. But, it’s not too far from it either. If you don’t have a real casino nearby but you’d like to get the closest feeling to that, nothing beats live dealer casino games.

Social Aspects

We can’t forget about the fact that live dealer blackjack online casinos feature a healthy dose of social interactions. After all, these games feature real dealers in real studios and they always do their best to keep the players entertained. In some games, you won’t just get to interact with the dealer, but with other players too.

You can’t get any of this by playing digital versions of blackjack. It’s all AI-controlled random-number-generators. Live dealer casino games, on the other hand, feature a completely different (read more immersive experience). The two shouldn’t even be put in the same sentence, come to think of it.

Best Live Blackjack Games You Can Find Online

Live dealer blackjack online comes in quite a few different variations. They are differentiated by a couple of factors, all of which greatly affect the gameplay. Mind you, we’re only talking about live dealer blackjack games here, without taking into account their RNG counterparts.

Here are the key differences between live blackjack games:

  • Pay rate (f.e. 3:2)
  • Dealer’s rules on 17 or 18
  • Insurance bet details
  • Number of decks in play
  • Double down rules
  • Splitting rules
  • Surrender rules
  • Face-up/face-down rules
  • Gameplay speed

When it comes to the most popular live dealer blackjack games online, the following three are worth a try:

Pirate 21

Pirate 21 adds a very interesting twist to the standard game of 21. We’re looking at a multi-hand variation here, one that allows you to play up to three hands simultaneously.

But, that’s not all. Pirate 21 is played with a total of six decks. Not just any decks, though – BetSoft’s Pirate 21 is played with six Spanish decks that don’t contain any 10s. Other rules are the same – you’re playing against the dealer and your goal is to reach 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer to win the round.

Single Deck Blackjack

There’s no need for a fancy explanation here. Single deck blackjack is identical to standard blackjack games with the only exception being the fact it’s played with just one deck. That’s right, as the name suggests, this game features a single 52-card deck. To put things into perspective, standard blackjack is typically played with 4, 6, or 8 decks.

In Single Deck Blackjack, the house edge is just 0.15%, which is much lower than what you’d get with conventional Blackjack (played with 4, 6, or 8 decks). A quick reminder, multi-deck blackjack typically has between 0.45% to 0.65% house edge.


Pontoon is another slightly different version of blackjack. The main goal is the same – reach 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer to win the round. If you go over, it’s a bust and you lose the round. However, there are some key differences worth noting.

In blackjack, the dealer draws two cards, one of which is dealt face-up. In Pontoon, both dealer’s cards are dealt face-down, which pushes the odds in their favor. Another rule that pushes the odds in the dealer’s favor is the “tie loses” role which qualifies ties (when both player and dealer have the same sum) as losses.

But, there are some rules that balance out the gameplay. For instance, Pontoon allows players to double down before hitting. The game also features the 5-Card Trick which automatically qualifies as a win if you haven’t hit over 21 with five cards in your hand.

Pontoon is the most popular variation of live dealer blackjack in Asia. It’s available on international online casinos, though the good old game of 21 still rules with an iron fist over the challengers.

Play Live Blackjack with Crypto

Playing blackjack and other casino games online is fun! Nothing beats convenience these days; nothing! But, if you’re using traditional payment methods like cash vouchers, e-wallets, or cards, then you might not be enjoying the most convenient online gambling experience.

If you’re not satisfied with transaction times, or security measures – or you just don’t like sharing your personal details with online casinos – then crypto gambling is what you should look up right now!

Gambling with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies won’t limit your choices in terms of online casinos. Most big brands have adopted cryptocurrencies a long time ago. The greatest benefits are improved privacy, superb security, instant deposits, and fast withdrawals.

Cryptocurrencies beat most conventional methods in all departments, making them the perfect banking method for live blackjack enthusiasts.


What are your thoughts on the casinos we emphasized above? Do you agree with our picks or would you like to give your own opinion?

Let us know which casinos you think have the best live blackjack coverage right down in the comments section.

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