Which Online Mines Games Easy Win Casino Welcome Bonus is the Best?

Which Online Mines Games Easy Win Casino Welcome Bonus is the Best?

People love playing online casino games. Many simply enjoy the thrill of the chase; it doesn’t matter if they win or lose, as long as they have fun. However, the global economy is changing and gamblers are starting to look for new ways of getting the most out of their money.

Most gamble online nowadays. The waters are chock-full of online gambling sites. The demand is huge, but the supply is even greater, so online casinos are doing everything they can to get as many new players as possible.

One way of doing so is with welcome bonuses. They tend to be quite hefty. As a result, they’re a great option for beginners. Bonus offers can help ease new players into the tricky world of online gambling.

But, what’s the best online casino welcome bonus you can get? Which websites typically have the most lucrative bonuses and, the biggest question of them all?

Which Online Casinos Have the Best Welcome Bonus

Let’s get straight to the point. Which online casino welcome bonus is the best? Well, we have four exceptional specimens known for being generous when it comes to welcome bonuses. Here’s what you need to know:

Wild Casino

If you’re looking for a good casino with a welcome bonus, may I suggest Wild Casino? It’s one of the best online casinos out there, featuring a stellar variety of slots, table games, and live dealer casino action.

Wild Casino also has generous online casino bonuses too. At the moment, there are two awesome bonuses for newly registered users.

First up, a $5,000 welcome bonus. More precisely, new players get a 250% match up to $1,000 on their first deposit plus a 100% bonus up to $1,000 on the following five deposits. There’s a catch, though – the bonus has a 10x wagering requirement. It’s not the biggest wagering requirement, but it’s not exactly a piece of cake either.

The second currently active bonus for new users is a $9,000 crypto welcome bonus. The rapidly growing crypto gambling market has prompted casinos to follow the scene more actively. With this bonus, crypto gamblers will receive a 300% bonus up to $3,000 followed by an additional 150% match up to $1,500 on the four subsequent deposits. The wagering requirement is even higher, coming in at 30x.

For more info, take a look at our in-depth Wild Casino review!

Ducky Luck

If you’re all about testing out different slots and you enjoy having a massive portfolio of games at your disposal, then Ducky Luck is the obvious way to go. This platform features more than 400 slots plus several high-quality table games that will sweep you off your feet.

Ducky Luck also boasts a comprehensive VIP program. They’re no strangers to generous bonuses either. At the moment, Ducky Luck offers a so-called 500% Welcome Package for newly registered users. They receive a 500% first deposit bonus up to $2,500 plus 50 extra free spins for three days straight.

Keep in mind that it can only be used on Mythic Wolf, Five Times Wins, and Golden Gorilla. The wagering requirements are quite high though, which is bound to scare away a good portion of potential users. Ducky Luck’s 500% Welcome Package requires 30x wagering which is one heck of a challenge.

Bovada Casino

Next up, Bovada Casino! Another fine all-arounder with numerous bonuses and promos, excellent customer service, and plenty of supported payment methods. But, since you’re here for the bonuses, let’s focus on that.

Right now, Bovada Casino offers a $3,000 welcome bonus. It comes in the form of a 100% match up to $1,000 for three days straight. The rollover requirements are dynamic, though. They are 5x for sports and racing, but 30x for casino games.

If you are a poker fan, you’ll be happy to know Bovada Casino has special offers for you too. The same goes for sports betting enthusiasts who will always have a lot of stuff to explore on Bovada’s sports betting section.

What are Welcome Bonuses?

The welcome bonus is a type of bonus offered by online casinos to attract new players. By offering welcome bonuses, real money online casinos are creating an effective incentive that works on a good portion of first-time gamblers. Needless to say, this helps them remain competitive.

But, the competition in the online gambling world is tough, to say the least. Welcome bonuses are getting more and more lucrative with each passing year. However, they also tend to have much more rigorous wagering requirements than ever before.

Bonus funds give newcomers the ability to use higher stakes and stretch out their gameplay for longer than they would be able to with just their initial deposit. Bonuses also allow gamblers to focus more on their gameplay and worry less about the risks.

But, welcome bonuses don’t always come in the form of a bonus based on the first deposit. Sometimes, we’re talking about no-deposit bonuses and even free spins. There are three main types of online casino welcome bonuses and they are as follows:

Types of Welcome Bonuses

Players enjoy all types of welcome bonuses. However, the most popular bunch definitely falls into the welcome bonuses basket. These days, all reputable online casinos have welcome bonuses. It’s an absolute must. If you run an online casino and you don’t have an active welcome bonus, the competition will eat you alive!

There are three types of online casino welcome bonuses and they are as follows:

  • No deposit bonus
  • First deposit bonus
  • Free spins

Let’s go through each of them in more detail:

No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, these bonuses require no deposits. In other words, online casinos offer these bonuses to newly registered users without requiring them to deposit any funds into their online gambling bankroll.

No deposit bonuses have become quite popular because, in essence, it’s free money. But, if you’re going into this thinking that, I’m afraid you’re terribly wrong. Yes, no deposit bonuses do give you bonus “money” into your account, but there’s a big “but” here. Actually cashing that money is insanely difficult. I’ll venture to say almost impossible.

The biggest requirement is the wagering amount. The bigger it is, the more you have to gamble with the bonus funds for them to be eligible for a cashout. Another thing you’ll have to keep tabs on is the time. Casinos typically install two-week or four-week limits to their bonuses, after which they disappear.

Even though, on paper, no deposit bonuses seem awesome… if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

First Deposit Bonus

If you want a more feasible welcome bonus that you could actually cash out, then first deposit welcome bonuses are what you should be looking for. These are quite common on real money online casinos and represent a much better option… assuming you’ll make a hefty first deposit, that is.

You see, these bonuses are based on the amount of your initial bonus. They come in the form of a percentage that tends to be capped at a certain amount. For instance, these days we’re seeing a lot of 100% welcome bonuses on first deposits up to $2,000.

That means you’ll get 100% of your first deposit in bonus funds, but the amount is capped at $2,000. So, even if you deposit more than that, the bonus you’d get would still be $2,000.

Free Spins

Another welcome bonus type that’s been getting a lot of traction lately. Free spins bring forth exactly that – free spins. They’re typically part of a wider promo campaign and tend to be focused on just one game or all games of a specific iGaming provider.

If you register on an online casino with an active free spins welcome bonus, you’ll get a certain number of free spins right after registration. You can then use those free spins to play the featured game and any wins you earn through your free spins will be credited to your account. This is a great and risk-free way of testing out new games and enjoying the gameplay.

Wrapping It Up

Long story short, welcome bonuses are a great way of testing the waters and checking out some games in a risk-free environment.

If you’re just starting out, it might be a good idea to opt for the online casino that offers the best balance between the bonus size and wagering requirements.

One last thing – always read the fine print so you know what you’re getting into. You can thank me later!

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